2010’s Create-A-Clock Contest

2010’s Create-A-Clock Contest will soon be coming to a close.  All entries must be postmarked by December 31, 2010.  This year we will be rewarding the master clock builder with a $500 Klockit Gift Certificate.  When we choose our Master Clock Builder, we are looking for a clock that first is very creative and offers a difficult design, and then we make sure that the clock uses Klockit parts.  All clocks in our competition must use Klockit parts or kits to be eligible for any of the prizes.  Last year’s master clock builder winner, Paul Entz, used exotic woods such as zebrawood to create his grandfather clock.  We liked his clock because it was extremely unique.  We had not seen a clock made from this unusual wood, and how the grain was used in the design added to the piece’s style.  But not only do we look at the difficulty of the clock, but we also read each entry’s story.  For example, 2009’s best floor clock came from Mark Christensen.  He won not only of his great design but also because he was inspired by the 1920’s through 1940’s.  He created the floor clock for his best friend’s wedding present as an heirloom.

Unique designs often capture our judge’s eye, and that was especially true with last year’s best mantle or desk clock winning design.  Scott Phillips had created a space shuttle clock.  He even got the autographs from the STS-125 space shuttle crew (Hubble Repair).  The space shuttle was created using 18 different wood species including a walnut base that he harvested from his family’s farm in Ohio.  Another awesome design was Fran Moore’s 2009 best wall clock of a Russian church.  We can only imagine how much difficulty and time it took to create this intricate wall clock.  There is a lot of detail and intricate carving.

This year’s competition is closing soon, so make sure to include your work of arts in this year’s competition.  We will announce winners in the early part of 2011 once we get all of the submissions and then can judge them.  Good luck this year!  And everyone’s a winner!  All clock photo submissions will receive a $5.00 Klockit Gift Certificate!

More information here.

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