Acu-Rite 01015 Professional Wireless Weather Center Hands-On Review

Have you ever wondered what the weather was going to be for the day but keep missing the weather on the news or radio or are you a weather aficionado? Well, there is a product for all your weather needs, the Acu-Rite 01015 Professional Wireless Weather Center (Klockit SKU 16120). Now I’m no professional weather person, but I decided to try out this weather center. I was afraid of installing this product, and thought it looked too complicated but to my surprise it was quite easy to install and work. When looking at the instructions, they were brief on the installation process of the outside sensor, but once you pull the post and sensor out of the box, it becomes clear what to do. I installed the sensor onto the post, and attached it to a 2×4 post that attached to the side of my deck.

Once the sensor is installed outside and the batteries or AC adapter is plugged into the main unit, the system automatically updates the wind speed and direction, outdoor temperature and humidity, wind chill, and “Feels Like” temperature. It also automatically updates the indoor temperature and humidity. The only thing I had to set is the time and date, which is quite easy on the system. Within the next day, the system already had forecasted that we were going to get snow, sure enough, the next day it snowed.

What really makes this a neat weather center is the scrolling ticker at the bottom. You are able to set the speed of the scroll and you can program to have it show certain information at the bottom. For instance, I set it to scroll: the highest temperature of the week, moon phase, wind chill, and the amount of rain we’ve received for the month. There are also other options you can program to scroll on the bottom. You can set alarms to go off if the indoor or outdoor temperature gets too high or low. There is a wind chill alarm, storm alerts, and wind speed alert. The unit is also equipped with a history mode for these features.

This weather center really comes in handy in the middle of winter, especially during our Arctic cold fronts like the one we had recently. The wind chill and feels like feature helped me predict whether or not I should warm up my car and how much to bundle the kids up for school. This weather station really does have everything you need. Now, I’m anxiously awaiting summer to utilize the rest of the features.

One thought on “Acu-Rite 01015 Professional Wireless Weather Center Hands-On Review

  1. james braselton January 9, 2013 / 7:18 pm

    Hi there, had a Acurite with 3 in 1 sensor package for $89.99 at Home Depot. I like Acurite, they make battery replacement so easy – no tools required, no special rechargeable batteries. Just takes standard batteries. I have per-ordered the new Acurite 1525 with a 5 in 1 sensor package – PC connect usb, only $159.99.

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