How Much Longer?

Audible Time Timer
Audible Time Timer

The perfect solution for the common question… How much longer?  Introducing the Time Timer, a timer that you can visually see how much time is left at a quick glance. As time elapses, the red disappears.  The less red disc you see the less time you have.

The product was first invented to help young children understand and manage time before they can actually tell time.  Then it evolved into so many other uses.  It is greatly used by teachers to teach concept of time, train students to use time wisely and test taking. Another use is for special needs in guidance for individuals with ADD, ADHD, autism, Asperger’s syndrome and dyslexia.  It helps monitor counseling and therapy sessions due to the high contrast red and large numbers, plus the quiet operation.  It is also used in geriatric care such as memory prompting for medications and appointments.  Businesses can manage meetings effectively but everyone seeing how much time is left during presentations.

I have used the Time Timer mainly at home with my 3 year old.  It helped end the frustration of telling her to hurry up and do something, into a game of beat the timer! Since she can’t tell time yet, she doesn’t understand why we have to hurry or what time it is and what does that time mean?  It can assist with getting dressed in the morning to bed time rituals at night.  Ten minutes of me telling her to brush her teeth turned into 3 minutes of brushing and “Mommy it beeped, I’m done brushing my teeth!” Wonderful!

These Timers come in a durable lightweight case with an on/off switch on the back for an audible “beep beep” sound when time is up and use 1 AA Battery.  You can set the timer at any point between 0-60 minutes.  Klockit sells a 3” size with a clear protective cover that flips open to act as a stand and an 8” version that has flip out feet for standing or can be wall mounted.  Get yours today and discover the many uses of visually seeing how much time is left.


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