Suggestions for Making Extra Income from Klockit Kits and Plan Projects

Whether you are on a fixed retirement budget and could use some extra income or you just need an outlet for your finished, clocks, weather stations, music/jewelry boxes (SO YOU CAN MAKE SOME MORE), there are a couple of different venues you may find quite profitable.

Craft Fairs can be very good but there are a few things to be careful of. First of all, generally, craft show customers are most apt to be looking for seasonal items for home or yard décor. At spring/summer shows, the hot items will generally be outdoor items such as yard signs, planters, etc. These shows are probably not the best to enter to sell your clocks, weather stations or music/jewelry boxes made from Klockit kits and plans. Fall and pre-holiday craft fairs will far more likely to be good shows for you.

Price point is also an important factor. It is generally a good idea to keep the price point under $ 50.00 to capitalize on impulse purchases. Small items that craft show customers see as ideal things for gift giving will undoubtedly do best.

For pricier projects such as wall, bracket, floor clocks, and other items, you should show your products to upscale gift/craft stores in your area. Many of these stores will accept goods on consignment or will rent you a small space within their store for a reasonable weekly or monthly charge and possibly a small percentage of the selling price. Other shops may purchase your items outright at 25% to 35% off the list price you would expect to get at craft fairs.

The advantages to working through gift shops rather than selling your goods at craft fairs is that you are not paying what can be very steep space costs for 1 or 2 day shows that attract good numbers of customers and you do not have to worry about developing/maintaining a display booth for your product and , maybe best of all, is you are not dealing with travel to/from shows nor dealing with setup and teardown.

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