Daylight Saving Time

The time of year that can either be a friend and give us an extra our of sleep or a foe and take an hour of sleep. Either way, we’re stuck trying to remember these two dates. Imagine if you were able to eliminate the hassle of going through and changing all the clocks in your house.  Well there is hope.

Klockit offers both Atomic and Set & Forget clocks. These two clock types help eliminate the chore of resetting your clock. What is the difference between the two you ask?

Atomic clocks feature an antenna inside the movement that receives a radio signal twice a day. The radio signal picks up the time from the National Institute of Time & Technology in Fort Collins, Colorado, making it accurate to 1 billionth of a second, and keeping you on the official national time. These automatically update during Daylight Saving Time. The time won’t change right at 2 a.m., but when it picks up the signal, the time will adjust.

Set & Forget clocks are a little different. They still set for Daylight Saving Time, but they don’t feature an antenna to receive time from an outside source. Set & Forget features an internal microprocessor that’s preprogrammed with a clock/calendar until the year 2030. To set the time, just insert the battery, select your time zone, and it will automatically set.  When using our Set & Forget alarm clocks, you never have to worry about being late to work from a power outage.

Klockit offers a wide selection of Atomic clocks and watches and Set & forget clocks. Just visit


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