Is it time to wake up?

OK to Wake Alarm Clock & Nightlight
OK to Wake Alarm Clock & Nightlight

When you’re a parent on a hectic schedule, every minute of sleep is wonderful.  If you have a young child that is an early riser… this clock is priceless.  OK to Wake! is a clock designed to teach kids what time to wake up. Plus it is a nightlight (soft yellow glow) that can be programmed to turn off after set amount of time, up to 2 hours.  The cute little clock turns green when it is ok for them to wake up and get out of bed. Green means Go!

The first night I used this clock, my 2 1/2 year old daughter thought it was the neatest little bug.  Before she crawled into bed I told her to hit its foot so the nightlight would come on, which she thought was really cool.  Then I just told her that when she woke up in the morning, if the clock wasn’t green it wasn’t time to wake up… but if the clock was green then she could wake up and get out of bed – Green means Go.  The next morning I woke up to her yelling excitedly… it’s Green!!!  It worked and I got to sleep in!

The clock has so many features and is very easy to use.  I like the programmable night light because it turns off after your child goes to sleep.  I also love that the alarm can be only the green glow (no alarm sounds), so if you little one hasn’t woken up yet they can sleep longer.  It can be a fully functional alarm clock with snooze for older kids with a gradual wake ascending tone.  Along with an animated face that smiles and winks when the alarm is going off.  The volume and brightness are adjustable.  That little face can also animate any time you press the right ‘foot’. There is also a fully customized nap timer.  It comes with 2 faces – green bug or pink flower and runs on 2 AA batteries so you don’t have to worry about cords.  Plus the alarm, adjustments and main controls are located behind a panel on the back of the clock so it is concealed to your child.

My daughter is now 3 ½ and she still loves that little clock.  Every night she turns the night light on and hits the other ‘foot’ to make the face animate.  Every morning she wakes up when I want her to.  Rise and Shine!


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