Ideas for Mother’s Day

Every year we must make the hard decision on what to do for Mother’s Day. Mothers do so much for families day to day throughout the years. Even though she will say “you don’t have to get me anything”, we all know that we should.

The most common gifts are a card, flowers and a trip to the restaurant. The worst gifts to give are anything to do with cleaning. What do mom’s really want? It’s very hard to say and depends upon each mother’s individual taste. If she likes adventure, a day trip would be nice. Take her to a tourist destination, museum, zoo or an historical place that means something to her. If she is crafty, then she would really appreciate something handmade. Klockit’s popular Mother’s Day gifts are the Pivot Jewerly Box Kit and Chandler Skelton Clock Kit. If she is a music lover, maybe a mix CD of her favorite songs or songs you think she would enjoy. If she is into reading, then maybe someone in the family can get a journal and write about a time in your lives that means something to you about your mother. If she loves the outdoors, a trip to the arboretum or a nature walk can be something simple that can be treasured. Personally I love pictures, so any gift that has my loved ones in would be perfect. It is a simple reminder on the wall about that one moment in time that was captured. Klockit carries the Photo Wall Clock kit and the CD Rom Clock kit.

The best gifts are always from the heart and if they can be personalized to the mother than it makes it more special. Just stay away from the vacuum cleaners…

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