Woodworking Clubs

Over the last few years, while working in new product and market development with Klockit, I have had the good fortune to visit a number of woodworking clubs and to see firsthand the benefits of being a member of these clubs. The camaraderie between people with a common interest in working with wood and the pride in sharing creations with each other would be reason enough to belong to one of these clubs. Add to that, however, the fact that these clubs afford the opportunity to exchange ideas and skills and provide a wealth of knowledge to beginner woodworkers, and you have a very compelling case for membership.

By simply going online and looking up “WOODWORKING CLUBS” you can find multiple listings of woodworking clubs in the US and Canada. Two examples are: www.woodworkingonline.com/clubs and www.completeguidetowoodworkingclubs.com .

Very likely, as in my own locality, there may not be any clubs listed. That does not necessarily mean there are not, in fact, small clubs in existence. Look through classified ads in your local paper for listings and/or contact your local chamber of commerce to see if they can help you locate a local club that you could join. You may also contact hardwood lumber supply businesses in your area where woodworkers would typically purchase hardwoods like Walnut, Cherry, Maple and other non-dimensional lumber for their projects. These businesses would likely know of the existence of clubs that you could contact.

If, like in my immediate area, there does not appear to be any clubs, consider placing an inexpensive classified ad in your local paper seeking other woodworkers who might also be interested in getting together and sharing ideas and experiences and sharing your creations. In addition to all of the advantages I have already mentioned, there are additional benefits such as special discount offers that are frequently offered to woodworking clubs by related supply businesses.

I highly recommend becoming a woodworking club member and, for me personally, my mission is going to be to start a club right here in Genoa City, Wisconsin.

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