New Interactive Catalog

Our new Fall catalog has been out in full swing for a little over a month now. With that, we have a new feature to enhance your catalog viewing pleasure… our new interactive catalog!

The new interactive catalog offers many more features than our previous online catalog. You’re now able to search products within the catalog bookmark pages and make notes, and click on a product to be taken directly to the product page on the Klockit website. Here are a few pointers for navigating the new catalog:

To bookmark a page, click on the favorites button on the right hand side or under tools at the top. It will give you the option to just bookmark the page or make notes about something you see on the page. We’ve made it easy for you to go back and find all your favorite products.

To search for an item, click the magnifying glass with what looks like papers behind it up on the toolbar on top. Let’s say you want to find all references to inserts or the insert pages, type it in and it will show all the pages mentioning inserts on it. Or if you want a specific insert like a 2 ¾” insert, it will bring up all the kits that mention a 2 ¾” insert and the 2 ¾” insert page.

If you want to order a product from the catalog or view more information about it, just click on the product in the catalog and it will take you directly to the product page to order it.

The catalog also gives you the option to share with your friends through email, Facebook, or many other options, the choice of sharing the whole catalog or individual pages.

The new interactive catalog takes the Klockit catalog to a whole new level to make your viewing more enjoyable and make your product search much easier. We hope you enjoy our new feature as much as we do. Be sure to let us know how you like it.

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