What Do I Wear Today?

Acu-Rite 837W Character Weather Forecaster
Acu-Rite 837W Character Weather Forecaster

Fall is in the air, the temperatures are getting cooler, and the kids are back to school.  Now that the rush of school clothes and supply shopping is over, there still seems to be a definite change in how smooth mornings are going for parents.  If you are like me, it’s not going that smoothly.  The temperatures in the fall are very erratic, one day it’s 85 the next 70, the next 58 and then back up to 80.   This creates a constant battle of “what to wear” today.

One school supply I missed on my list is a Weather Forecaster.  Klockit just started carrying a new weather forecaster that is perfect for a quick glance on what to wear today.  Item 16891 is a Digital Weather Forecaster with a “how to dress” character, current time, outdoor/ indoor temperature with daily high and low, indoor humidity with daily high/low, and 12-24 hour weather forecast with quick glance icons showing wind, rain, cloudy, etc.  My favorite part is the “how to dress” character which you can choose between a girl or boy.  There are 20 different boy and girl images showing the different combinations of clothing to wear that suits the weather.  For instance if it is 90 and sunny, the character is wearing a tank top, shorts and sunglasses.  If it is 60 the character is wearing pants and a short sleeved shirt.  When kids are old enough to pick out there own clothes to wear, this is fun for them to see what the character is wearing each day.  A quick glance every morning at the forecaster has become a daily ritual and helps make mornings a little easier.

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