Klockit Keeps Monsters Away

As Halloween quickly approaches we thought we’d offer some alternative ways to use some products from our great lineup. Knowing that werewolves come out when there’s a full moon present, it would be a smart idea to use a weather station, like the Acu-Rite 01015 Professional Wireless Weather Center – 16120 – with a moon phase graph. The weather station is radio controlled and so it brings you the most accurate analysis of when the next full moon will occur.

Vampires are only present after sunset, but before sunrise, and so the Casio PAW2000-1 Atomic Watch – 87202 – features sunrise and sunset data is optimal to let you know when those times occur. Again, the watch is atomic so you’ll get the most accurate timing when it synchronizes with the official US government time in Colorado.

It is also well known that wandering ghosts can be detected when the temperature in the room drops. An ultra portable wireless thermometer such as the Acu-Rite 380 Wireless Thermometer – 16889 – can be used to monitor the room wirelessly so that you can keep safe when a ghost approaches from another room.

And finally, you can ward off demons with a Time for Faith Kit – 35358 – or the Time for Prayer Kit – 34002 – that both feature a cross and clock. These are just some ideas to keep you safe this Halloween weekend.

Happy Halloween from All of Us at Klockit!

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