Celebrations Keepsake Box

Celebrations Keepsake Box Plan
Celebrations Keepsake Box Plan

Now that Christmas is over, its time to start thinking about the next season. Spring is coming fast, which means showers, weddings and graduations.  We have the perfect plan and components, our Celebrations Keepsake Box.

Serving dual purpose, during the event it can be a card holder and after the event it can be a keepsake box.  During the event, guests can put cards into the card slot on the top of the Celebrations Keepsake Box and it keeps cards securely inside with a lockable lid.  Also the lid can hold a 5″x7″ picture or a special note to your guests.  You can decorate the 3 panels of the box with either 8″x10″ photos, invitation, poems, etc.  The 4th panel holds a Celebrations clock dial or you can customize the dial to match the décor of your event with different colors, names, dates and/or pictures.  The box spins 360° to view all panels.  Components include a clock movement, hour and minute hands, Celebrations dial, side & top glass and all hardware.  The plan contains dimensional woodworking drawings for each wood piece.

This will fit perfectly in your home décor after the event to hold all the memories and treasures from the special event with the outside dimensions of 13 9/16” height x 11 7/16” width x 11 7/16” depth.

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