Design for Your Family

I absolutely enjoyed designing (and building) the new furniture items that Klockit has recently introduced as plan products. Little did I realize, however, that, as family members and friends viewed the models in my home of the Hearth & Home Cabinet, Snack Trays, Prairie Bookcase, Prairie Sideboard, Sofa Table, Side Pop-Up Table, Wine Rack, Garden Patio Bench and even the Studio Space Saver Cabinet , I would be deluged with multiple requests to build these items.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love working in my woodshop and goodness knows having multiple projects to make, helps me justify to my wife why I need all of the new “Toys” (jigs/fixtures, etc.)! It is just trying to figure out who will get what and when that is a bit confusing.

Because I do not think our Klockit woodworking customers should be out fishing or golfing while I am busy working in my shop, trying to keep peace in the family, I am encouraging all of my fellow woodworkers to build one or more of these furniture items and put it on display in your home. You’ll see just how popular you become with your family and friends!!!

Now I hope you realize I am just having a bit of fun with everyone but I am very serious about how much fun it is to build these items from Klockit’s plans and you (as well as your family and friends) will truly admire the finished items in your home.

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