Kit-Cat Clocks Celebrate 80 Years of Fun

Black Kit-Cat Clock
Black Kit-Cat Clock

The Kit-Cat clock has been in American homes since the 1930s.  The cat clock was designed by Earl Arnault in Oregon during the Great Depression.  The clock brought happiness during this period with its wagging tail, rolling eyes and infectious smile.  The wall clock experienced immense growth in the 40s and 50s when a new design change was enacted, giving the cat top paws and a bow tie.

The 1990s finally brought the clock into limited color edition Kit-Cats.  And the lady Kit-Cat clock was first introduced in 2001, changing the bow tie to a pearl necklace and adding eye lashes.

White Lady Kit-Cat Clock
White Lady Kit-Cat Clock

The famous Kit-Cat Clocks are now 80 years old in 2012.  To celebrate this achievement, the cat wall clocks were featured in the 2012 Pasadena Rose Parade.  The wall clocks are also featured in movies and television.  Kit-Cat has created a new Pinterest board that showcases their sightings.

The Kit-Cat Clocks are now sold at Klockit in 3 colors: Black, Red and the White Lady.  Also available is a Lucite Stand that allows the clock to be placed on a desktop or mantle.

The Kit-Cat Creed

  • Put a smile on everyone’s face;
  • Love in everyone’s heart;
  • Energy in everyone’s body;
  • And be a positive force in everyone’s life!

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