Klockit is On Pinterest!

Have you heard about the new social media site, Pinterest? Are you as obsessed with pinning as we are?

As always, we’re looking for new ways to interact with you and we’re excited Pinterest gives us a fresh way to inspire you with new projects and products from Klockit. As a work in progress, our Pinterest page is a guide of different project filled boards of inspiration. We’re showcasing our products and giving you ideas of different ways to use them such as using our clock hands to make them into jewelry and fun DIY wall clocks using our clock hub. We have a great Father’s Day idea using neck ties and our round circle hub! By following us, you’ll be the first to see some of our new products before anyone else. You’ll also find different furniture projects and other unique ideas found around the web. And because we’re a clock company, we like to keep you entertained with a board of all different kinds of Cuckoo clocks and random, unique clocks from all over the world. As we’re laying out our new Pinterest page, a benefit of being a follower of Klockit, we’re coming up with new contests and programs for just our followers to interact in; look for announcements in the future. We’re also excited to get to know you better by following your Pinterest page as well. We look forward to learning what new projects you’re working on.

If you’re not already a member of Pinterest, you can go to www.pinterest.com and sign up for an account. Pinterest is by invite only, so if you apply for the waiting list directly from the site, you may be waiting a couple of days. We suggest if you are on Facebook or know a friend already on Pinterest, ask them to send you an invite so you can get to pinning right away. (Trust us, once you’re on, it’s addicting). Once you’re in, follow us today and be inspired with Klockit!

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