A Biodegradeable Barometer? – Introducing The Weather Stick

Weather Stick
Weather Stick

For centuries people have been using this popular Weather Stick to predict weather. The first known use of the Weather Stick was in the early 1700’s by the Abenaki Indians. They noticed the dry branches of the balsam firs responding to changes in weather conditions. The Abenaki Indians often gave these as gifts to the settlers so they too could tell the upcoming weather.

The predicting Weather Sticks are made from balsam fir saplings that have been stripped of their bark and dried. Balsam fir trees grow in sugar maple groves. This is a problem for the maple sugar farmers. The balsam fir shade the plastic tubing that collects the maple syrup. In shade, the syrup flows much slower so maple sugar farmers thin out the balsams regularly. Therefore we have a good supply of Weather Sticks.

This predicting stick is very easy to use. Just mount outdoors under an eave, window frame, porch, garage or barn wall using the supplied nail. When the weather is good the stick will point up. When the weather is making a turn for the worse, the stick will point to the ground. This biodegradable environmentally friendly barometer will supply you with years of weather reports and makes a great conversation piece.

Written by Rachel Hicks

Rachel is part of our committee of finding and researching new products for Klockit. She has helped to review many of the products herself to understand what makes a great product for all of our Klockit customers.

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