New Products Coming in August

Candle Display Box Kit
Candle Display Box Kit – coming August 2012

In August of 2012 the new Klockit catalog will “hit the stands”.  The new catalog will usher in a plethora of new products.

There is a new product in particular which deviates from traditional Klockit offerings. The product is a remote control tea light, which has the ability to change to a desired color via wireless remote with the press of a button.  This little product created quite a stir in the Klockit house of ideas, and immediately inspired a couple of designs which will debut this Fall. The first is the unique Candle Display Box kit (featured at left and not yet available).

The assembly is quite simple and can be completed in an evening or two.  The box features a removable top which is held in place with rare earth magnets.  Once removed, you have access to clear vellum panels included with the kit which highlight the various color options of the tea light.  Beyond plain vellum panels, Klockit will also offer additional decorative panel packs which can be exchanged for the plain vellum panels at any time. Each decorative pack will be sold separately and will contain four sets of panel options. You will receive two panels of each particular design.

Helpful Hint: To display the same decorative panel on all four sides, simply purchase quantity two of the same decorative vellum pack.

Klockit will offer an additional kit design which can accommodate the Remote Control Tea Light: The Tea Light Lantern Kit. This unique kit will include the shaped hurricane glass, wood parts, and small wire bail handle which yields an authentic, old-world lantern look despite housing new LED technology.

While the multi-color LED Tea Light has certainly inspired Klockit, I believe it will inspire the Klockit fan-base as well. So let’s get the ‘ole “cogs” turning… What would you create to house such a versatile and unique new product?

Written by Chris Akright

Chris is responsible for the kit, plan, and finishing technical support, which he has provided to Klockit customers for over 13 years. Chris also contributes new product designs, composes written/illustrated assembly manuals, and works to develop new kit and plan products for the Klockit catalog. Chris’s experience is the culmination of years of training under his mentor, and Klockit Designer, John Cooper.

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