Top 5 Customer Clocks of February 2013

From llamas to whiskey bottles, we’ve seen some great customer clocks this month. So look no further if you’re in need of some inspiration!

Below you will find our top 5 favorite customer clocks for the month of February. Included in the description is as much information as we could provide about these hand made clocks. Without further ado, we’ll start from the top with a fan favorite.

#1: Big Twin

Stunning ‘Big Twin’ motorcycle cylinder lamp with clock insert. Sent in from Klockit fan Harley G. of WI.


#2: Maker’s Mark Bottle Clock

Creative use of an old whiskey bottle! This clock would be a great accent to a home bar. You could even add a string of lights to the inside. Great fan photo from Arlene of NY; we admire what she’s done with our clock hands!


#3: Custom Indiana Barn Wood Clock

Fan photo from John M. of IN. He just finished this clock for his daughter and son-in-law. John’s a Hoosier folk artist who re-purposes old Indiana barn wood.


#4: Starburst Clock

This starburst clock was made with copper, wood, brass, and glow-in-the-dark hands and tick marks. Great fan photo from The Copperclockmaker of NM!


#5: Bolivian Rosewood House Clock

Fan photo from Ford P. of UT. He hand made every inch of this little house out of Bolivian Rosewood, and Purple, Red, and Yellow Heart woods. A 2-inch clock insert was used to compete the clock.


Written By: Rachel Appner

Rachel is the Internet Marketing Coordinator for Klockit, responsible for creating and implementing social and online strategy. She’s been on the move, trying to get customers to share their unique, custom-built clocks and woodworking pieces. If you have an awesome clock you’d like to show off, send your image to rappner [at] primexinc [dot] com. Or post it to Klockit’s Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest page!

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