Sneak Peek: Sterling Wall Clock Kit

A rewarding aspect of my job is receiving a new prototype kit and seeing how a design comes together as a real-life assembly.  Just opening the prototype box creates an air of excitement and anticipation like that of opening a package on Christmas morning. Except, these days I have a general idea of what is actually inside the box.

The latest box I received contains the prototype case assembly for the new Sterling Wall Clock Kit, which will be introduced to the Klockit line of kits sterling-wall-clock-kitwithin the next couple of months.  This stately wall clock will measure 11-7/8” H x 12” W x 5-5/8” D.  The cherry wood assembly is suitably adorned with flat, fluted columns and beveled, rectangular end caps.  The final touch of elegance encompasses an over-sized cove machined on the front and side edges of the top and bottom plates, which adds symmetry to the finished assembly.

Final component determinations are still being ironed out at this time. Rumor has it, however, that the Sterling will house Klockit’s Quartex clock movement (backed by a 10-year warranty) and a silver-colored, metal clock face, which contributes to the clock’s namesake.

I have always been a fan of sneak peeks and teasers, and I’m always thankful to receive a preliminary (albeit often rare) glimpse into future products in development. It rekindles that “Christmas-like” air of excitement and anticipation in me every time.  If the feeling is mutual, feel free to leave a comment on this blog thread.  Let us know if you would like to see more teasers of future products in development. Here at the “Klockit House of Ideas”, there is always something in the works…

Written By: Chris Akright

Chris is responsible for the kit, plan, and finishing technical support, which he has provided to Klockit customers for over 13 years. Chris also contributes new product designs, composes written/illustrated assembly manuals, and works to develop new kit and plan products for the Klockit catalog. Chris’s experience is the culmination of years of training under his mentor, and Klockit Designer, John Cooper.

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