Inspired By Klockit – Contest Winners

We’d like to start by thanking everyone who submitted an entry to the Inspired By Klockit Pinterest contest. It was great to see how our customers used our clock hands, movements, inserts, etc. in their own projects!

Here are the three winning submissions!

Winner #1

The first winning submission is from G. Paul Billion, he created a dragon holding a mini clock insert as a scroll saw project on 3/4 inch Oak. Our team loved his design work!

Winner #1

Winner #2

The second winning submission is from Matt C., he crafted this Zebrawood and Oak Clock and completed it with one of our Quartex movements. Beautiful wood work!

Winner #2

Winner #3

Last but not least, the third winning submission is from Bob Bulick, he made this Bubinga clock with brass feet. His clock features one of our favorite dials with a glass and hinged bezel!

Winner #3

Click here to see more contest submissions.

Your entry wasn’t chosen?

Remember, the winners weren’t chosen based on design or style – the drawing was random. Our team is working on another contest in celebration of National Woodworking Month! This next contest will be held in the beginning of May and the WINNINGS HAVE GOTTEN BIGGER!

Stay tuned for contest details, they’ll be posted early April 🙂

Questions? Please email Rachel at rappner(at)primexinc(dot)com or leave a comment below.

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