Sneak Peek: Curio Cabinet Plan

The glass and lock escutcheon plate still need to be mounted, but we thought we’d share some sneak peek photos of the assembled curio cabinet that’s ready for final pre-finish sanding.


This curio cabinet is multifunctional in that it can be used without shelf boards for draped quilt display (top opens and quilts are draped over rods that bridge the inside width of the cabinet and quilts hang down and viewed through the front door glass). OR… adjustable wood shelves can be placed in the cabinet so folded quilts can be displayed on the shelves and/or the shelves can hold books, framed pictures, and assorted memorabilia.

Here are some specifics on the cabinet:

– The overall dimensions are 45″ high x 23″ width x 15″ depth
– The front glass framed door has a locking feature, as does the cabinet side.
– The model is made of Red Oak and will be finished in medium oak with a satin finish.

This quilt display/curio cabinet plan is on schedule to be introduced to the Klockit line in September.

Tell us: Which color would you stain this piece? Leave a comment below!

Written By: Rachel Appner

Rachel is the Internet Marketing Coordinator for Klockit, responsible for creating and implementing social and online strategy.

One thought on “Sneak Peek: Curio Cabinet Plan

  1. David Maiden June 19, 2013 / 9:23 pm

    If I stained at all it would be lite oak or maybe a lite pecan.I think red oak finished clear is real neat.

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