What’s new in the 2013 Fall catalog?

It’s that time of  year! Who’s ready to head to the mailbox for their new Klockit catalog?

The new fall catalog started mailing last week and should be in your mailbox this week! So a lot of customers are asking what can they expect? What’s new? Good news, my friends! Here’s your sneak peek:

1) Buy It

Don’t want to start a new project? Need a gift to give? The new catalog features all-new finished products sure to fit your need. Our favorites include the Galaxy Wall Clock, the Infinity Lights Wall Clock, and the new men’s talking watch.


2) Build It

Open your new catalog and flip to the inside front and back covers. Here you’ll find our newest clock kits and woodworking plans. Our product designer recommends adding the new Set & Forget Plan, Sterling Kit and Slide-Top Chest Plan to your project list!


3) Restore It

Last but not least, we have some new items for the beginner and experienced clockmaker looking to do some repairs. Check out pages 16-24 for mechanical clock movements and 35-43 for quartz clock movements. Need a new set of hands? A new dial? Flip through pages 44-51 to find what you’re looking for.


Are you signed up to get one?

If you’ve ordered from Klockit in the past couple of years, you’ll automatically be mailed a new catalog. If you don’t receive a catalog the week of August 5, click here to request yours!

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