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3 Unique Door Stops For Your Home

Nice weather is finally here! It’s time to open up the doors and let the breeze in with these new door stops. We’re sure one (or more!) of these 3 unique door stops is sure to compliment your home decor.

#1: Rustic Cast Iron Mouse Door Stop

Rustic Cast Iron Mouse Door StopAlways standing at attention, ready to hold your door open! This Rustic Cast Iron Mouse Door Stop is an adorable mouse that’s always ready to prop doors open or prop up your books. Makes the perfect gift – or keep for yourself and receive many compliments!


#2: Rustic Cast Iron Flying Pig Door Stop Porter with Handle

Flying Pig Door StopLooking for a fun and convenient way to keep your door open? Then this popular Rustic Cast Iron Flying Pig Door Stop Porter is for you! It’s a French country-style door stop that features a flying pig with full-bodied detail and an antique rust finish. Move it from room to room with ease using the long handle.

View Now: http://www.klockit.com/products/sku-16686.html

#3: Rustic Cast Iron Horse Door Stop Porter with Handle

Horse Door StopNeed a gift for the horse lover in your life? Look no further! The Rustic Cast Iron Horse Door Stop Porter with Handle is an attractive and convenient adaption of the traditional door stop. This door stop features a handsome horse with full-bodied detail and an antique rust finish. The long handle on this door porter makes this door stop easy to pick up and move from door to door.

View Details: http://www.klockit.com/products/sku-16685.html

New Products

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Shop Now: http://www.klockit.com/depts/NewProducts/dept-72.html

Written By: Rachel Hicks

Rachel is part of the Klockit committee responsible for finding and researching new products. She has helped review many items in order to understand what makes a great product for all of our Klockit customers.






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