How To: Choose the Right Push-on Clock Movement for Your Project

Do you need help selecting a push-on clock movement for your next project? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re looking for a push-on movement that has a small case size or one that’s easy to assemble, Klockit has you covered. We carry four types of push-on clock movements – so, which one is right for your project? Let’s take a quick look at the details of each!

Option 1: Quartex® Push-on Quartz Clock Movement with No Bushing

quartex-push-on-no-bushingThis Quartex brand push-on clock movement makes motor replacement a snap. You’ll like that no hardware is required when using this clock movement! There is no bushing to assemble hardware on, so you’ll need to snap the movement into place within a case or use double-sided tape (or other adhesive) to secure the movement in place.

Since there is no bushing on this movement, the total hand shaft length is short in comparison with other clock movements with bushings. However, this allows clearance so the shaft doesn’t hit the case. It’s all user preference when it comes to cosmetics, but you may like that the shaft doesn’t stick out so far on your clock.

Learn more about this push-on movement:

Option 2: Quartex® Push-on Quartz Clock Movement with Bushing


Unlike the movement above, this push-on clock movement allows for fast assembly while using minimal hardware in the assembly process. Easily fasten the included rubber gasket, brass washer, and hex nut to secure this push-on movement to your dial. You’ll like that the hour, minute, and second hands push-on without hardware, so you won’t need to worry about securing the hands with a tiny cap or thru nut.

See movement details here:

Option 3: Young Town Push-on Quartz Clock Movement with Bushing


This Young Town push-on clock movement is similar to the Quartex brand push-on movement with bushing shown above. This Young Town push-on movement also uses threaded bushing to secure the clock movement and dial together. One of the main differences between the two movements is that the Young Town movement is made in Taiwan, not China.

View more details here:

Option 4: Round Mini Quartz Push-on Clock Movement


Limited on space for your movement and/or hand shaft? This round mini push-on clock movement features a case diameter of 1-13/16 inches, enabling it to fit into small cases. Also, if you’re concerned about the shaft hitting a front lens, then this push-on movement will most likely be your best choice. With a 1/4-inch shaft, this push-on movement features the smallest shaft we currently carry. Since there is no bushing on this push-on movement, you’ll need to secure it using double-sided tape or other adhesive.

Learn more about this movement:

Need Additional Help Selecting a Movement?

No problem! Leave us a comment below or call our customer service team at 1-800-556-2548.

Written By: Rachel Hicks

Rachel is part of the Klockit committee responsible for finding and researching new products. She has helped review many items in order to understand what makes a great product for all of our Klockit customers.




2 thoughts on “How To: Choose the Right Push-on Clock Movement for Your Project

  1. Rodney February 19, 2016 / 11:41 am

    Hey I have a movement that has a female thread ,meaning no threaded shaft sticking up that comes through the face ,instead the threaded part is attached to the back of the clock face,so I would need that ti thread into the movement case do you have one like that?

    • Klockit February 19, 2016 / 11:43 am

      Hi Rodney, please contact us at 1-800-556-2548. We need more information about your clock before answering your question. Look forward to talking to you soon.

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