Top 4 Outdoor Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The birds are chirping, daffodils are blooming and Mother’s Day is just around the corner. From stunning patio lights to LED solar planters, you’ll be able to show her how much she means to you this Mother’s Day. Find the perfect Mother’s Day gift with a little help from the Klockit team! Check out our best-selling outdoor products:


1) Tiffany Style Solar Patio & Garden Light

The Tiffany Style solar patio and garden light is a fan favorite on Pinterest! Four solar panels convert sunlight into energy; the light automatically turns on at dusk, illuminating the beautiful colors on the lamp with two super bright LED bulbs. Mom will love this simple, yet tasteful, outdoor light. Save $5 when you buy 2:

2) La Crosse Solar Garden Thermometer

Is Mom a gardener? This solar garden thermometer by La Crosse will take some of the work off her back as it detects the current, max and min temperature of her garden. The large solar panels automatically rotate for max sun exposure, guaranteeing she’ll have the latest temperature info at her hands. See it in action:

3) GardenGlow Solar Planters

Here’s another product that customers are buzzing about online: outdoor solar planters by GardenGlow. Plant Mom’s favorite flowers in the pot or use as a beverage cooler at your next get-together! See the entire collection here:

4) AcuRite 00661 Stainless Steel Soil Thermometer

Help her take the guesswork out of when to plant her flowers and veggies! This soil thermometer from AcuRite is perfect for getting the proper soil temperature for improved seeding for indoor and/or outdoor plantings. It’s stainless steel, weather-resistant and easy to clean…what more could you ask for? Oh yeah, we forgot to mention it’s less than $6! >

Calling all Moms!

Tell us which Klockit products you would put on your wish list for Mother’s Day! Leave a comment below or tell us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Love is in the air, dust is in the shop!

February has long been celebrated as a month of romance, usually with candy, flowers and gifts for loved ones on the 14th. We’re quickly approaching that special day, so we ask, “Have you started on that special project for your Valentine?”

Good for you if your answer was yes. If not, don’t worry! You still have time to start on a project that will be transformed into a meaningful gift for that special someone. And by project, we don’t mean going to the store in search of the finest chocolate or prettiest flowers. By project, we mean a semi-handmade item that will light up your Valentine’s world. Literally.

Without further ado, we’d like you to meet one of our favorites: the Luminary Lantern Kit. If you asked us to describe the kit in 3 words, we’d tell you – easy to assemble. There are a few wood parts and assembly steps required, but for the most part, it’s a simple DIY project that can be completed in a few hours or in a few evenings.

Luminary Lantern Kit

This kit is designed for use with a color-changing LED tealight, which makes it easy to match your home décor or mood. It has 12 available color options, all controlled through a remote that works up to 10 feet away. Additionally, the kit was designed for use with 4 vellum panels. This kit comes standard with translucent plain panels, but you can spice it up by ordering one of the four decorator panel packs here.

Once built, the panels on the kit are easy to change. Just lift off the top of the lantern, and slide in the panels of your choice.  The seasons, sports, travel and advertising panel packs will soon be accompanied by new choices – vintage car, young children, hunting and nature panel packs are in the works are we speak!

Special Promo Code:

Here’s a 10% off promo code, good now through February 10, 2013: 5B521. Shop now at!

Product Preview

Watch this short video to see the color-changing effects of the LED tealight:

Written By: Rachel Hicks

Rachel is part of our committee of finding and researching new products for Klockit. She has helped to review many of the products herself to understand what makes a great product for all of our Klockit customers.

2011 – A Year of Innovation and Ideas from Klockit

Wine Rack Plan
Wine Rack Plan

2011 was a great year for Klockit.  We introduced some great new plans this year including the Wine Rack Plan (#49049) that holds 24 wine bottles and an optional wine glass display stand that can hold up to four wine glasses and an optional bottle cradle display stand to showcase a treasured bottle of wine.  We also introduced the Pop-Up Sofa Table’s (#34780) companion, the Side Pop-Up Table (#49888).  The side table piece extends functionality beyond its original predecessor.  The front portion of the table features a lift top which can extend over a sofa or chair arms.

As the Summer warm months came around, the AcuRite 00617 Deluxe Wireless Pool & Spa Thermometer (#16094) was a big hit.  With this wireless thermometer, you can monitor the temperature of your pool or spa from up to 100 feet away.  The AcuRite 00325 Home Comfort Monitor (#16080)was another big seller this year.    Monitoring the humidity of your home can be important to your skin, prohibit allergies and other health benefits by inhibiting the growth of mold, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mites and other asthma inducing agents.

Acu-Rite 00325 Home Comfort Monitor
Acu-Rite 00325 Home Comfort Monitor

We at Klockit are continually trying to help our customers learn new methods of woodworking and to increase your efficiency in the workshop.  So in the past month we have uploaded three new woodworking videos created by the Woodworker’s Guild of AmericaIn these videos, methods are taught to create your own base molding, curved molding and leg to rail joinery.

As 2012 rolls in, expect to see more great introductions into our product line, and other exciting promotions including our 2nd Facebook Photo Contest.  The new Spring 2012 catalog will be mailing in January!

Battery to Electric?

AA Battery to Electric Converter
AA Battery to Electric Converter

The majority of standard clock movements take one AA battery.  If you are tired of changing the clock batteries, we have a solution for you.  Our new battery converter will convert any item using one AA battery to electric power and will also be a battery back up in the event of a power outage.

In the past, when we converted a clock movement from AC to DC power, the conversion was not reversible.  Now you can choose if you want a battery or electric clock and can switch back and forth if you like.

This innovative patent–pending converter is achieved by an external AC to DC power supply which operates the clock and provides a trickle charge to it’s internal Ni-Cad battery.  The cord is 6 feet long allowing many placements for your clock and is UL and CE certified.  All you do insert the battery adapter unit into the battery compartment observing proper +/- polarity, then insert the power supply plug into desired outlet.  After five hours the internal Ni-Cad battery is fully charged.  If the power goes out the battery adapter will provide uninterrupted power for up to 3 weeks!  Say goodbye to resetting the time on your electric clocks if the power goes out.

2011’s Best Selling Products So Far

Quartex Brand Premium USA Push-On Movement with Bushing
Quartex Brand Premium Push-On Movement with Bushing

Ever wonder what Klockit’s bestselling products are?  So far for 2011, quartz movements are our number one selling category.   Our Quartex Brand Premium Push-On Movement with Bushing is our bestselling clock movement.  This movement includes a threaded bushing and a free pair of hands and hardware.  The movement features a 6 year warranty and a ½” total shaft length with a maximum dial thickness of 1/8”.  The built in hanger saves you time with clock assembly.  The number 2 bestselling clock movement is our Premium Quartex Brand Movement with a 15/16” total shaft length for a maximum dial thickness of ½”.  This movement features a 10 year warranty and free pair of hands and hardware.

Side Pop-Up Table Plan
Side Pop-Up Table Plan

Plans are another top selling category for us.  The Side Pop Up Table Plan is our top selling plan for 2011 so far.  The plan was developed as a companion piece to our other best selling product, the Pop-Up Sofa Table, which is our 2nd most popular plan.  The front portion of the side table features a lift top which can extend over a sofa or chair arms.  The sofa table features a table top that can be raised to provide a convenient working space from the comfort of your own sofa.  Both plans include written instructions on how to assemble each part of the table.

Gold Quartz Anniversary Movement Kit
Gold Quartz Anniversary Movement Kit

The Gold Quartz Anniversary Movement Kit is our top selling kit for 2011.  The kit has been one of our best selling products since it first appeared in the Fall 2009 catalog.  The kit includes a time and rotary pendulum movement, dial, hands, case, pendulum and a finished base plate.  The Bedford II Mantel Kit is our top selling wood clock kit.  It features a chiming movement that plays Westminster and showcases a decorative brass handle and feet that add the finishing touch to this prestige mantel clock.