Fall 2014 Clock Contest Winners

Thank you to all who participated in our fall clock contest. The contest entries for this clock contest were exceptional and the Klockit team would like to recognize the time and effort that was put into each clock.

And the winners are…

Congratulations to Dennis Menke, Jim Cate, and Rachel Calloway! See each of their photo(s) below and read their stories behind the clocks. Please join us in congratulating them!

Gift of Time – Winner: Dennis Menke


“I ordered the 16” Time Ring Clock Plan and adapted it to make a wedding gift for my nephew Andy and his fiance Kate. I was able to personalize it with their names as well as the wedding date to provide an everlasting keepsake that will last for years and years to come. I really enjoyed the time I spent working on it knowing that it would be appreciated.

I used 1/4” cherry veneer glued to 5/8” solid maple because my nephew Andy is a woodworker and will appreciate the cherry wood. By giving this gift I was assured of two things: I don’t have to worry about giving a duplicate gift and that every time they look at it they would be reminded of the day they started their “time” together.”

Congratulations to Dennis Menke!

Master Clock Builder – Winner: Jim Cate


“The clock features a simple, contemporary design. I have a feeling of accomplishment, wonder, and great satisfaction that I was able to build such a large project to completion. Thanks to Klockit for making it all happen.

I did not want an ornate enclosure so I decided to build my own case. The enclosure is built using walnut for framing with internal maple inserts to mount frame parts. Fluted spacers are used to separate ‘base from bottom of bottom enclosure’ and also ‘top of bottom enclosure and bottom of top enclosure’ to accentuate the maple inserts. The bottom maple insert is part of the base and the top maple insert is part of the clock mount. The base is oak molding built by using 2 layers of the same molding situated with the bottom layer extending out beyond the top layer. The top crown is also oak molding and must be removed to allow top enclosure to be lifted above movement needing repair, with an 8-foot ceiling.

Two sound ports covered with speaker cloth is installed on back of top enclosure. The finish is polyurethane with stain on the oak base and top crown to match the walnut frame. Clock is 78 ½ inches high, 12 ½ inches deep and 16 inches wide. The enclosure framing uses mortise and tenon joinery. Base and movement mount uses pocket hole joinery. Enclosure is frameless using frameless full overlay euro hinges on doors. Glass is mounted in rabbets with strips of walnut used as glass retainers.”

Congratulations to Jim Cate!

Most Unique Clock – Winner: Rachel Calloway


“My partner and I make a lot of things out of recycled bicycle parts, with clocks being our most recognized pieces. My work actually gained enough notoriety to land me the commission for the 1st place winner for Stage 7 (Denver) of the US Pro Challenge (the biggest professional bicycle race in North America).

The city of Denver wanted something unique. I used a piece of hickory stair tread for the plaque and attached a Campagnolo chainring to the hickory using chainring bolts. The face of the clock portion is a mosaic made from factory painted bicycle chain in the pattern of the City of Denver’s flag. I used a silent motor recessed into the back of the piece. The trophy/clock is hanging in Peter Sagan’s trophy room alongside his Tour de France and other accolades.”

Congratulations to Rachel Calloway!

Honorable Mention Clocks

With over 100 entries, it was hard to choose just 3 winners. Please congratulate these Honorable Mention entrants!

Adam Raugh – Gift of Time
Angelo Ponteralli – Most Unique Clock
Bill Johnson – Most Unique Clock
Daria Kiselica – Gift of Time
Deborah Blaney – Most Unique Clock
Dennis Spitler – Most Unique Clock
Derek Nelson – Most Unique Clock
Doris Benter – Most Unique Clock
Edward Siclari – Gift of Time
Elizabeth Weiss – Most Unique Clock
Frank Snyder – Gift of Time
Gary Grundy – Master Clock Builder
Gene Koonce – Master Clock Builder
James Alan Murray – Most Unique Clock
Jarrod Bartlett – Most Unique Clock
Julie Blazek – Gift of Time
Ken Wilkinson – Most Unique Clock
Kim Soroko – Most Unique Clock
Kirsten Bahr – Gift of Time
Mark Royall – Master Clock Builder
Mark Clark – Gift of Time
Mike Hauch – Master Clock Builder
Mike Reynolds – Gift of Time
Rodney McCarty – Master Clock Builder
Stan Sipka – Gift of Time
Sadna Kumbhani – Gift of Time
Scott Kruger – Gift of Time
Second Shift Art – Most Unique Clock
Waymon Hale – Gift of Time
Wesley Wood – Most Unique Clock
Will Delaney – Most Unique Clock

See their photos and stories here: http://www.facebook.com/klockit/posts/10152800972314490

And the winners are…

First and foremost, we’d like to thank all who participated in our spring Create-a-Clock contest. The entries for this contest were especially outstanding, and our team would like to recognize the time and effort that was put into each piece.

With over 80 exceptional entries received, our judges found it difficult to narrow it down to only 3 winners. Congratulations to Tom Heichel, Laz Ojalde, and Joe Wainwright! Please see their winning entries and the honorable mentions below:

Gift of Time – Winner: Tom Heichel

Tom Heichel’s reclaimed barn wood clock was selected as the best of show in the Gift of Time category. Tom told us he was not one to enter contests, but we are glad he did!

tom-h-1As far back as his early school days, clocks have intrigued Tom. He can remember always stopping in his dad’s hardware store on the way home from school, just to look at the Seth Thomas clock hanging on his wall. Today, at 73 years of age, that same clock is proudly displayed on his dining room wall.

In September 2012, Tom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Realizing then, more than ever before, that time is the most precious commodity of all, Tom went into his wood shop to build clocks for his family members and closest friends. All of the clocks have movements, dials and hands furnished by Klockit. These wonderful individuals had given their time and support to Tom, and it didn’t take him long to decide what he wanted to do for them.

Tom made 9 clocks; all are similar but yet unique in their own way. All handcrafted by him, 2 were made from reclaimed wood (barn board), fitting the personalities of those families. His wife’s clock was made from her childhood dresser that had been passed from family member to member and back to them again. They didn’t have a need for the dresser, but she didn’t have the heart to let it go. Tom carefully took it apart, stripped the many coats of paint, and built it into a beautiful clock for her.

Congratulations again to Tom!

Most Unusual Clock – Winner: Laz Ojalde

Laz Ojalde’s Grandpapa and Grandmama clocks were selected as the best of show in the Most Unusual Clock category. Our team was intrigued by Laz’s reinterpretation of the traditional American grandfather and grandmother hall clocks.

laz-1As Laz explained, the clock forms are somewhat anthropomorphic, showing the caring presence of wise caretakers. The Grandmama clock design is characterized by her pink clock hands and outstretched arms, signaling a warm hug. The Grandpapa’s bright orange clock face looks down at all passer bys in a prideful yet tender manner.

Laz’ clocks incorporate human voices reciting poetic stories of times past and nagging words of advice when the built in motion sensors detect movement from a passer by. The custom clock hands are laser cut from clear acrylic with an enamel-painted finish. The clocks use the Klockit “C” cell-powered quartz clock movements.

Congratulations again to Laz!

Master Clock Builder – Winner: Joe Wainwright

Joe Wainwright’s Cuckoo clock was selected as the best of show in the Master Clock Builder category.This was the first clock Joe ever built, and it was not from a kit!

jow-wHe spent many hours designing each of the carvings and then had his CNC machine cutout each part along with the housing.  After designing the clock, Joe was not completely sure the works were going to fit into the housing, but they did after a few small adjustments.  It took about 40 hours of designing and an additional 20 hours to cut, assemble, and finish this clock.

Joe’s Cuckoo clock is made of walnut wood and stained with a General Finishes Spiced walnut dark finish to represent a Black Forest clock.  The clock body is roughly 17 inches tall by approximately 12 inches wide and 5 inches deep.

Congratulations again to Joe!

Honorable Mention Clocks

As always, our contest judges were amazed by ALL of the entries – not just the winners. Take a look at the Honorable Mention clocks below!


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