Sneak Peek: Cigar Humidor Case and Tabletop Liquor Cabinet

Back in April, I shared the design ideas for a cigar humidor and tabletop liquor cabinet. I have since completed the prototype models and would like to share this preview with our readers before the wood finishing is complete.


These two items will be new woodworking plan and component introductions that are scheduled for rollout in January 2015. The humidifier component is sized for 75 cigar storage. The hygrometer component will indicate the optimum humidity to keep cigars fresh.

While these models were built of Alder wood, you will be able to select whatever wood species you prefer to work with. The cigar humidor model plan will cover lining the case and lid with 1/4″ thickness Spanish Cedar, and even show the removable tray made of Spanish Cedar.

The revolving turntable on the liquor cabinet should accommodate 5-6 bottles of one’s favorite liquor bottles, and smoothly revolves 360 degrees on the 6″ Lazy Susan.


I truly enjoyed designing these new woodworking plan products and I am confident our Klockit customers are going to enjoy building them as well. Both the cigar humidor case and tabletop liquor cabinet make for very special gifts to family or friends.

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Written by: John Cooper

John spent the better part of the 28 years he was employed by Klockit, designing hundreds of clock and furniture kits and plans and has continued with product design since his retirement in 2008. John’s love of clocks, his passion for creating furniture for his own home as well as for family, and his great appreciation for the beautiful finished pieces Klockit customers make from our kits and plans inspire him to continue to create still more new clock and furniture designs.