Crafty Clockmaker Contest Winners Announced

First and foremost, we’d like to thank all who participated in our Crafty Clockmaker contest. The entries for this contest were outstanding, and our team could tell that a lot of time and effort was put into each piece.

Initially there were three categories that the submissions fell into: wall clocks, desk or mantel clocks, and clock jewelry. At contest close, there were no valid submissions for the clock jewelry category. Our judges still wanted to award three winners, so the entries with the highest scores for the wall and desk categories were awarded – plus the entry with the next highest score.

Overall, there was one desk clock winner and two wall clock winners. Congratulations to Bill Johnson, Michael Kamendulis, and Kat Cummins! Please see their winning entries below:

Best of Show: Desk Clock


Bill Johnson is a woodcarver that carves exclusively in the “Chip Carving” style. He uses this decorative form of carving (done entirely with a single handheld knife – no chisels, gouges, or mallets involved), to decorate all sorts of projects ranging from small ornaments to boxes, wooden display plates, and clocks.

In this case, he was inspired by a stain glass church window.  Bill thought the gothic shape and window’s overall design seemed like the perfect starting place for a clock – especially with a clock insert that would be the perfect size and proportion for that part of a traditional church window.

Bill used Basswood for the body of the clock, which he chose to leave unstained, taking advantage of light and shadows to highlight the intricate chip carved detail.  The clock insert is from our Americana Series – the “Town Square” dial face specifically.

Best of Show: Wall Clock #1


Michael Kamendulis said his mind is always working. He designed and made this creative wall clock after seeing visiting his uncle’s restaurant in Auburn, MA. Michael wanted to add a little spice to his uncle’s wall.

So he created this wall clock and made it look as if you were sitting on one of the bar stools. Based off an Italian meal, you can see the clock is complete with a dish of spaghetti, meatballs, silverware, a napkin, condiments, and a $20 bill. He even added a teacup with resin inside to make it look like the tea is dripping out.

All elements were either drilled and bolted or epoxied to the board.

Best of Show: Wall Clock #2


Katherine Cummins has an eye for detail that was apparent in all three of her contest entries. Her winning entry caught our judges’ attention with its 3D characteristics.

The hours are strategically marked and placed in pictures frames – all within a larger frame. The background of the clock was beautifully hand-painted, the flowers are handmade, and the beadwork was also done by hand.

Katherine said she likes all of her clocks to be 3D, so she intertwined flowers and stems around / through the numbers. She also designed some of the numbers to appear as if they were floating in mid-air.

Katherine’s favorite thing about this large wall clock is that there are little insects she strategically placed so most wouldn’t notice them on first glance.

Honorable Mention Clocks

As always, our contest judges were amazed by all of the entries – not just the winners. Take a look at the Honorable Mention entries below!


Crafty Clockmaker Contest 2013


Calling all crafty clockmakers! Klockit’s new clock contest has finally arrived. Whether you have a DIY wall or mantel clock to share or a jewelry you’ve made out of clock parts, you’re eligible for our Crafty Clockmaker contest. Enter for a chance to win a $100 Klockit gift certificate!

How to Enter:

Klockit’s Crafty Clockmaker contest is open to Pinterest users. Please follow these basic steps to enter the contest:

(1) ‘Follow’ Klockit on Pinterest.

(2) Create a new board titled, “Crafty Clockmaker”.

(3) Fill your new board with one (1) or more of your own DIY clock projects, and at least three (3) of your favorite Klockit products from

(4) Make sure your entry submission includes a brief description of the story behind your clock project.

(5) Submit your entry via email by Sunday, October 27, 2013 at 11:59:59 p.m. CST to


Contest submissions will fall into one of three categories: Wall Clocks, Desk/Mantel Clocks, and Clock Jewelry. Three (3) Best-of-Show winners will be chosen; one from each category mentioned above. The winners will receive one (1) $100 Klockit gift certificate. Entries will be judged based on the creativity, design and the story behind the clock project on a scale of 1 to 5. A panel of judges made up of Klockit staff will rate the finalists. The averages of the ratings determine the winners.

Read the official rules.


Winners will be announced and contacted the week of October 28, 2013. When the winners are decided, they will be announced here on the Klockit blog and on the Klockit Pinterest Page.


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