Set and Forget Clocks

If you are like me, your body is still adjusting to the Daylight Saving Time ending on November 7th.  Colder weather and darkness at 5pm is hard enough, plus the aggravation of setting all the clocks in the house can be exhausting.  That’s why you should have a clock that changes time automatically.

You are probably familiar with Radio Controlled clocks that receive the radio signal from Fort Collins, Colorado.  Although these clocks are highly accurate to the second and change automatically for daylight savings time, you have to be careful where they are placed to get the radio signal.  Due to this concern we developed our Set and Forget clock movements.
These movements do the exact same function as our Radio Controlled movements but do not require a radio signal.  Ta da! There is an internal microchip calendar.  It keeps track of the current date and time and is preprogrammed through the year 2030.  The microchip tells the clock to make the DST change at 3am Eastern, 2am Central, 1am Mountain and 12am Pacific twice a year!  In the fall, the hands will spin around forward 11 hours to achieve a set back of q hour from standard time to DST.  In the spring, the hands will speed up to one hour.

Do you remember back in March of 2007 when the government extended Daylight Savings Time by about one month?  Our engineers took note of this and added a switch on the back for this new extension change.  Just in case the government decides to change it back there is a switch for NEW, OLD and OFF.   The NEW switch if for the current DST, the OLD is the conventional DST and OFF is for areas that do not observe DST.

Set and Forget clock movements were made to make your life easier.  Let the clock a change itself and there is one less thing you have to worry about.