Fall 2015 Klockit Clock Contest

Klockit Clock Contest

Who’s ready for another clock contest? The time is now! Submit your latest clock project(s) in our Fall Clock Contest for a chance to win one of four $100 Klockit gift certificates.

Thank you to those who submitted feedback from previous clock contests. Your feedback helped us create a better clock contest experience for everyone. We hope you’ll enjoy our Fall Clock Contest!

How to Enter:

Our Fall 2015 clock contest is open to everyone. Please follow these steps to enter the clock contest:

(1) Create a clock using at least one Klockit product

(2) Submit your clock for entry via:

  • Facebook (personal message / post to our page)
  • Twitter (direct message / mention us in a tweet), or
  • Email (contest@klockit.com)

NOTE: Your entry must include which category you are submitting in to, at least one photo of your clock, and the story behind your project. All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. CDT on October 31, 2015.

Read the Official Rules.


Your clock contest submission(s) may fall into one of the four categories shown below. Please feel free to submit multiple entries into one category, or the same entry into multiple categories:

(1) Master Clock Maker: For expert clock makers. Judged on picture(s) provided and story behind the clock build.

(2) Gift of Time: Judged on picture(s) provided and story of satisfaction and joy of giving the clock as gift.

(3) Most Creative Clock: Judged on picture(s) provided and story of what makes the clock creative.

(4) Junior Clock Maker: For clock makers 17 years old and younger. Judged on picture(s) provided and story behind the clock build.

Four (4) Best-of-Show winners will be chosen; one from each category mentioned above. The winners will receive one (1) $100 Klockit gift certificate. Entries will be judged based on a scale of 1 to 5. A panel of judges made up of Klockit staff will rate the finalists. The averages of the ratings determine the winners.


Winners will be announced and contacted the third week in November. When the winners are decided, they will be announced here on the Klockit blog, and on the Klockit Facebook and Twitter pages.


Post your question on this blog post below or on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Or email contest@klockit.com.

Fall 2014 Clock Contest Winners

Thank you to all who participated in our fall clock contest. The contest entries for this clock contest were exceptional and the Klockit team would like to recognize the time and effort that was put into each clock.

And the winners are…

Congratulations to Dennis Menke, Jim Cate, and Rachel Calloway! See each of their photo(s) below and read their stories behind the clocks. Please join us in congratulating them!

Gift of Time – Winner: Dennis Menke


“I ordered the 16” Time Ring Clock Plan and adapted it to make a wedding gift for my nephew Andy and his fiance Kate. I was able to personalize it with their names as well as the wedding date to provide an everlasting keepsake that will last for years and years to come. I really enjoyed the time I spent working on it knowing that it would be appreciated.

I used 1/4” cherry veneer glued to 5/8” solid maple because my nephew Andy is a woodworker and will appreciate the cherry wood. By giving this gift I was assured of two things: I don’t have to worry about giving a duplicate gift and that every time they look at it they would be reminded of the day they started their “time” together.”

Congratulations to Dennis Menke!

Master Clock Builder – Winner: Jim Cate


“The clock features a simple, contemporary design. I have a feeling of accomplishment, wonder, and great satisfaction that I was able to build such a large project to completion. Thanks to Klockit for making it all happen.

I did not want an ornate enclosure so I decided to build my own case. The enclosure is built using walnut for framing with internal maple inserts to mount frame parts. Fluted spacers are used to separate ‘base from bottom of bottom enclosure’ and also ‘top of bottom enclosure and bottom of top enclosure’ to accentuate the maple inserts. The bottom maple insert is part of the base and the top maple insert is part of the clock mount. The base is oak molding built by using 2 layers of the same molding situated with the bottom layer extending out beyond the top layer. The top crown is also oak molding and must be removed to allow top enclosure to be lifted above movement needing repair, with an 8-foot ceiling.

Two sound ports covered with speaker cloth is installed on back of top enclosure. The finish is polyurethane with stain on the oak base and top crown to match the walnut frame. Clock is 78 ½ inches high, 12 ½ inches deep and 16 inches wide. The enclosure framing uses mortise and tenon joinery. Base and movement mount uses pocket hole joinery. Enclosure is frameless using frameless full overlay euro hinges on doors. Glass is mounted in rabbets with strips of walnut used as glass retainers.”

Congratulations to Jim Cate!

Most Unique Clock – Winner: Rachel Calloway


“My partner and I make a lot of things out of recycled bicycle parts, with clocks being our most recognized pieces. My work actually gained enough notoriety to land me the commission for the 1st place winner for Stage 7 (Denver) of the US Pro Challenge (the biggest professional bicycle race in North America).

The city of Denver wanted something unique. I used a piece of hickory stair tread for the plaque and attached a Campagnolo chainring to the hickory using chainring bolts. The face of the clock portion is a mosaic made from factory painted bicycle chain in the pattern of the City of Denver’s flag. I used a silent motor recessed into the back of the piece. The trophy/clock is hanging in Peter Sagan’s trophy room alongside his Tour de France and other accolades.”

Congratulations to Rachel Calloway!

Honorable Mention Clocks

With over 100 entries, it was hard to choose just 3 winners. Please congratulate these Honorable Mention entrants!

Adam Raugh – Gift of Time
Angelo Ponteralli – Most Unique Clock
Bill Johnson – Most Unique Clock
Daria Kiselica – Gift of Time
Deborah Blaney – Most Unique Clock
Dennis Spitler – Most Unique Clock
Derek Nelson – Most Unique Clock
Doris Benter – Most Unique Clock
Edward Siclari – Gift of Time
Elizabeth Weiss – Most Unique Clock
Frank Snyder – Gift of Time
Gary Grundy – Master Clock Builder
Gene Koonce – Master Clock Builder
James Alan Murray – Most Unique Clock
Jarrod Bartlett – Most Unique Clock
Julie Blazek – Gift of Time
Ken Wilkinson – Most Unique Clock
Kim Soroko – Most Unique Clock
Kirsten Bahr – Gift of Time
Mark Royall – Master Clock Builder
Mark Clark – Gift of Time
Mike Hauch – Master Clock Builder
Mike Reynolds – Gift of Time
Rodney McCarty – Master Clock Builder
Stan Sipka – Gift of Time
Sadna Kumbhani – Gift of Time
Scott Kruger – Gift of Time
Second Shift Art – Most Unique Clock
Waymon Hale – Gift of Time
Wesley Wood – Most Unique Clock
Will Delaney – Most Unique Clock

See their photos and stories here: http://www.facebook.com/klockit/posts/10152800972314490

What’s new in the 2013 Fall catalog?

It’s that time of  year! Who’s ready to head to the mailbox for their new Klockit catalog?

The new fall catalog started mailing last week and should be in your mailbox this week! So a lot of customers are asking what can they expect? What’s new? Good news, my friends! Here’s your sneak peek:

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Don’t want to start a new project? Need a gift to give? The new catalog features all-new finished products sure to fit your need. Our favorites include the Galaxy Wall Clock, the Infinity Lights Wall Clock, and the new men’s talking watch.


2) Build It

Open your new catalog and flip to the inside front and back covers. Here you’ll find our newest clock kits and woodworking plans. Our product designer recommends adding the new Set & Forget Plan, Sterling Kit and Slide-Top Chest Plan to your project list!


3) Restore It

Last but not least, we have some new items for the beginner and experienced clockmaker looking to do some repairs. Check out pages 16-24 for mechanical clock movements and 35-43 for quartz clock movements. Need a new set of hands? A new dial? Flip through pages 44-51 to find what you’re looking for.


Are you signed up to get one?

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