DIY Fry Pan Clock

We love the idea of a fry pan clock, it would make an excellent DIY gift! The picture below shows the cast iron clock that a very clever Klockit customer designed and built out of an a fry pan.

DIY Fry Pan Clock

Peter Classen is the talented man behind this neat clock. What was once a broken fry pan was made into a beautiful cast iron clock. Why a fry pan? Well, this pan has history – it was Peter’s wife’s great-grandmother’s pan. So for obvious sentimental reasons, Peter decided to save the old fry pan by making a clock out of it. Turns out, it was a perfect addition to their kitchen!

Room View: Fry Pan Clock


Peter has been making clocks for over 30 years, chalking his inspiration up to the fascination of the many clocks his grandfather used to own. His background is in industrial arts; Peter was an instructor for 34 years at Foxcroft Academy in Maine, where many of his students made clocks using Klockit materials.