4 DIY Clock Ideas For Father’s Day

There’s still time to make a unique clock for your Dad this Father’s Day. Not a clock making expert? No problem! Here are 4 easy do-it-yourself clock ideas he’s sure to enjoy more than a tie!

(1) Beer Cap Clock

Make Dad a clock that’ll remind him it’s always a good time for a good beer. Pair 12 beer bottle caps with your choice of clock face, and then install a simple quartz clock movement and hands.

Beer Cap Clock
Photo courtesy of Coolmaterial.com

(2) Vinyl Record Clock

Part timepiece, part wall art! Pick up Dad’s favorite album from a resale store and incorporate numerals, clock hands, a quartz clock movement to easily create a unique gift! Here’s an idea from Etsy seller, Records and Stuff:

Vinyl Record Clock
Photo courtesy of Etsy seller, Records and Stuff

(3) Pool Rack Clock

Does your Dad like to shoot pool? This pool rack clock is sure to be the perfect addition to his Man Cave! Easily create this design using a pool rack, green felt, pool balls, quartz clock movement, and clock hands. He’ll love that the numbers are easy to read from a distance.

Pool Rack Clock
Photo courtesy of Trademark Gameroom

(4) Fishing Lure Clock

Perfect for Dads who would rather be fishing, this simple wall clock using fishing lures in lieu of numerals. Use any material for the clock face, glue on 12 fishing lures, and then install the clock movement and hands. Would also look great with fishing flys!

Fishing Lure Clock
Photo courtesy of thewirelesscatalog.com

Your Turn!

What’s the best thing you’ve made as a gift for someone else? Tell us your story in the Comments section below for a chance to win a $25 Klockit gift certificate!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide | Klockit.com

We’re officially kicking off our countdown to Mother’s Day with gift suggestions to complement her unique charm and taste.

Show her how much you care with a handmade gift from Klockit! Plus we have ready-to-give gifts too – like watches, outdoor lanterns, and wall and desk clocks.

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Make Her the Best Gift

Giving a clock or piece of furniture, handcrafted by you, represents so much more than just a gift. We understand that this special item will be an heirloom passed down from generation to generation, providing lasting enjoyment and wonderful memories for the special woman in your life.

Our top suggestions for do-it-yourself gifts:


Our popular Colton Mantel Clock Kit is a mid-skill level wooden clock making kit. Mom will love the finished version which features a generously proportioned frame highlighted by the graceful compound curved corner posts. This clock kit is designed with open slat sides for optimum sound quality she’ll be able to enjoy for years to come!

See clock kit details: http://www.klockit.com/products/sku-34321.html

Is Mom a wine lover? Build her a stylish wine rack from our Prairie Series of furniture plans. Our woodworking plan will guide you to create the perfect wine storage piece she’s sure to enjoy. Stores up to 20 wine bottles, 3 tracks for hanging glasses, and features additional storage under the hinged top.

More on this plan: http://www.klockit.com/products/sku-49875.html

Or, build her a unique music box she’s sure to treasure forever. When the case lid is raised, the music melody automatically starts to play. Choose from 4 beautiful melodies!

Music movement options: http://www.klockit.com/products/sku-33106.html

Need More Options?

We’ve got you covered! Check out our 50+ ready-to-give gift options. Shop by price or category:

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Product Review: LED Word Clock

Looking for a unique timepiece? This LED Word Clock provides a new, exciting way of looking at the time. Read the review below to find out how this clock works, what its most notable features are, and who should buy it.

Forget Numbers!

Instead of hands or a digital display, this unique clock displays the current time as words. How? The clock selectively highlights a matrix of words in a bright white LED light to display the current time in 5-minute increments. For example, if the time was 8:50, the clock would read, “It is ten minutes to nine.” At 5:25, it would read, “It is twenty-five minutes past five.”


Notable Features

Easy to Set Up and Use: This clock is very easy to set up. Simply unpack from box and packaging, and then plug in the included DC adapter. Press the + and – buttons on the side of the clock until the correct time reads on the screen. Use the easel back to prop the clock up on your desk – or use the wall mount hole on the back of the clock to hang on a wall.

Attractive Display: It’s a cool twist on the traditional timepiece. This clock is sure to stand out in any room and be a conversational piece with guests.

Sized Right: This clock is sized right at 8 inches square, great for any desktop or as a smaller wall clock. You’ll be able to read the time from across the room, thanks to the bright white LED light that perfectly pops the words on the front of this clock.

Who Should Buy It?

We enjoyed having this LED Word Clock in our homes and would highly recommend it to anyone for their home or as a gift! This clock is easy to set up and use, plus you’re sure to impress guests with the unique display. Replace your current desk or wall clock with this LED Word Clock, or give as a gift this holiday season. You won’t be disappointed!

Available now at Klockit.com:

Written By: Rachel Hicks

Rachel is part of the Klockit committee responsible for finding and researching new products. She has helped review many items in order to understand what makes a great product for all of our Klockit customers.

Remember the Story Behind the Gift

Over the many years I have given my handcrafted clocks and other décor to family and friends as gifts, I myself had never thought of sharing the “story behind the gift” to make the item even more cherished.

All that changed last year when I started to make and give away tiny hand carved crosses, made from an old weathered chunk of wood from my past.


Back To Where It All Began

In the summer of 2003, I was in the area where I had grown up and decided to drive by our old farm. I already knew all the buildings were gone. What was once a very typical family dairy farm was now a 160-acre potato field, but the place of my childhood still beckoned me to drive by.

As I approached the southeast corner of our farm, I noticed a large pile of rocks that had been removed from the fields over many years. I decided to stop and bring a few of these rocks home as souvenirs. As I was walking through the tall grass to get to the rock pile, I tripped over something and fell. I picked myself up and kicked the object up out of the grass and immediately recognized it as one of the oak fence posts my dad and I made back in the mid 1950’s to fence in a 40-acre parcel as pasture for our cows.

As I held the badly weathered, partially rotted fence post, the cherished memories of working with my dad in the dead of winter to cut down and cut up oak trees came flooding back. Thinking maybe someday I would figure out something to do with it, I brought the old fencepost home and leaned it up in a corner of my shop, where it quickly became buried and forgotten.


Appreciating The Significance

In the fall of 2013, however, while working on woodcrafts for an upcoming show, I uncovered the post and got the idea to make wooden pendant crosses to give to my family. After finishing a few of the crosses, I decided to jot down some notes on their origin to include with the little gifts. I did not think anyone would be all that interested in the story, nor really appreciate the significance the story had for me. I was so wrong!

After making many of the cross pendants for family members and friends, it has been truly gratifying to see how much the story behind the gift means to everyone. Now I always make sure my handcrafted gifts include the story behind them, and I encourage you to do the same. Remember, the story will forever link the gift to you and make it even more special as an heirloom.

Written By: John Cooper

John spent the better part of the 28 years he was employed by Klockit, designing hundreds of clock and furniture kits and plans and has continued with product design since his retirement in 2008. John’s love of clocks, his passion for creating furniture for his own home as well as for family, and his great appreciation for the beautiful finished pieces Klockit customers make from our kits and plans inspire him to continue to create still more new clock and furniture designs.