A Time for Reflection

What are you thankful for this holiday season? This is the time of year when I like to reflect on the important things in life.

Thankfully, I am fortunate to have a nice home shop with machinery, equipment, and tools that are certainly adequate for the woodworking projects I do for Klockit and for my personal use.

Not unlike a lot of my fellow woodworking enthusiasts, every now and then I start to think I need bigger, fancier, or additional equipment than what I already have! When these thoughts enter my mind, I have only to look up on my shop wall at the tool-wallfew basic hand tools my father used in the 40s and 50s to quickly get back to feeling pretty good about the tools I have.

My father used those tools to build kitchen cabinets for my mom and other furnishings (bookcases, tables, etc.) for our old farmhouse.

Like myself, I would guess that a lot of our Klockit customers gained their love of woodworking from watching and helping their dads and grandfathers. I often wonder what my dad would think of my woodworking skills. Hopefully he would approve!

I am very sure he would be amazed at all of the woodworking machinery and tools I have at my disposal, and I suspect he would maybe tease me a bit about needing all the stuff I have!

Tell us:

What are you thankful for this holiday season? Leave a comment below!

Written by: John Cooper

John spent the better part of the 28 years he was employed by Klockit, designing hundreds of clock and furniture kits and plans and has continued with product design since his retirement in 2008. John’s love of clocks, his passion for creating furniture for his own home as well as for family, and his great appreciation for the beautiful finished pieces Klockit customers make from our kits and plans inspire him to continue to create still more new clock and furniture designs.