And the winners are…

First and foremost, we’d like to thank all who participated in our spring Create-a-Clock contest. The entries for this contest were especially outstanding, and our team would like to recognize the time and effort that was put into each piece.

With over 80 exceptional entries received, our judges found it difficult to narrow it down to only 3 winners. Congratulations to Tom Heichel, Laz Ojalde, and Joe Wainwright! Please see their winning entries and the honorable mentions below:

Gift of Time – Winner: Tom Heichel

Tom Heichel’s reclaimed barn wood clock was selected as the best of show in the Gift of Time category. Tom told us he was not one to enter contests, but we are glad he did!

tom-h-1As far back as his early school days, clocks have intrigued Tom. He can remember always stopping in his dad’s hardware store on the way home from school, just to look at the Seth Thomas clock hanging on his wall. Today, at 73 years of age, that same clock is proudly displayed on his dining room wall.

In September 2012, Tom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Realizing then, more than ever before, that time is the most precious commodity of all, Tom went into his wood shop to build clocks for his family members and closest friends. All of the clocks have movements, dials and hands furnished by Klockit. These wonderful individuals had given their time and support to Tom, and it didn’t take him long to decide what he wanted to do for them.

Tom made 9 clocks; all are similar but yet unique in their own way. All handcrafted by him, 2 were made from reclaimed wood (barn board), fitting the personalities of those families. His wife’s clock was made from her childhood dresser that had been passed from family member to member and back to them again. They didn’t have a need for the dresser, but she didn’t have the heart to let it go. Tom carefully took it apart, stripped the many coats of paint, and built it into a beautiful clock for her.

Congratulations again to Tom!

Most Unusual Clock – Winner: Laz Ojalde

Laz Ojalde’s Grandpapa and Grandmama clocks were selected as the best of show in the Most Unusual Clock category. Our team was intrigued by Laz’s reinterpretation of the traditional American grandfather and grandmother hall clocks.

laz-1As Laz explained, the clock forms are somewhat anthropomorphic, showing the caring presence of wise caretakers. The Grandmama clock design is characterized by her pink clock hands and outstretched arms, signaling a warm hug. The Grandpapa’s bright orange clock face looks down at all passer bys in a prideful yet tender manner.

Laz’ clocks incorporate human voices reciting poetic stories of times past and nagging words of advice when the built in motion sensors detect movement from a passer by. The custom clock hands are laser cut from clear acrylic with an enamel-painted finish. The clocks use the Klockit “C” cell-powered quartz clock movements.

Congratulations again to Laz!

Master Clock Builder – Winner: Joe Wainwright

Joe Wainwright’s Cuckoo clock was selected as the best of show in the Master Clock Builder category.This was the first clock Joe ever built, and it was not from a kit!

jow-wHe spent many hours designing each of the carvings and then had his CNC machine cutout each part along with the housing.  After designing the clock, Joe was not completely sure the works were going to fit into the housing, but they did after a few small adjustments.  It took about 40 hours of designing and an additional 20 hours to cut, assemble, and finish this clock.

Joe’s Cuckoo clock is made of walnut wood and stained with a General Finishes Spiced walnut dark finish to represent a Black Forest clock.  The clock body is roughly 17 inches tall by approximately 12 inches wide and 5 inches deep.

Congratulations again to Joe!

Honorable Mention Clocks

As always, our contest judges were amazed by ALL of the entries – not just the winners. Take a look at the Honorable Mention clocks below!


Klockit Holiday Contest Winners Announced

First and foremost, thank you to all who participated in our 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways contest on Pinterest. This contest was not as traditional as our previous clock contests, so we were glad to hear positive feedback from participants.

Just a quick overview of the contest – pinners were asked to create their Klockit ‘wish list’ on Pinterest for a chance to win 1 of 12 gift items. The most popular items on pinned to wish lists were the Petite Weather Station, the Galaxy Wall Clock, and an AcuRite alarm clock. No surprises there, as these are some of the best-selling items at!


The 12 winners of this contest were selected randomly, and contacted via email. Winners will receive their prizes within the next two weeks. The prizes range in price from $4.99 to $149.99 and shown below.


Day 1: Orange Women’s Vintage Bracelet Watch (view here)

Day 2: Galaxy Wall Clock (view here)

Day 3: White Suction Cup Thermometer (view here)

Day 4: Admiral Fitzroy Storm Glass (view here)

Day 5: Petite Weather Station (view here)

Day 6: La Crosse Projection Alarm Clock (view here)

Day 7: Pocket Weather Station (view here)

Day 8: La Crosse Weather Station (view here)

Day 9: Gallery Wall Clock (view here)

Day 10: Men’s Stainless Steel Watch (view here)

Day 11: Chandler Skeleton Clock Kit (view here)

Day 12: AcuRite Weather Station (view here)

Thank You!

Thank you again to all who participated. Happy Holidays!