Spring 2015 Clock Contest Winners

THANK YOU to all who participated in our Spring 2015 clock contest! So many great stories – we truly appreciate the opportunity to hear about all of the great projects our customers have accomplished.

Congratulations to the grand prize winners: Erin Keck (most creative), Roger Carson (gift of time), and David Schermock (best use of parts). See each of their photos below and read their stories behind the clocks. Also, please join us in congratulating the finalists!

Most Creative Clock – WINNER: Erin Keck


“I am an Art Teacher and Gallery Artist residing in Mechanicsburg, PA. I teach at Art Retreats and Schools throughout the U.S. using Klockit parts. My Original Steampunk Style Clocks are recognized and known Internationally.

I came up with the idea of creating these clocks after seeing an antique mechanical clock where all of the gears revolved. I wanted to create clocks that gave the illusion of movement by remaining stationary and running on a Quartz battery movement.

I design and cut each gear in my clocks from wood. The gears are then painted to look metallic. I give the illusion of movement through balance, dimension, and adding found objects.”

Congratulations to Erin Keck!

Gift Of Time – WINNER: Roger Carson


“My wife Tiffany and I have lived at our current home for 7 years and previous to this lived one street over for 4 years. We became well acquainted with the area residents over this time. We didn’t meet Joella until we moved to our current home in 2007. Jo, as she prefers to go by, is a self sufficient, caring elderly widowed lady from Texas that wouldn’t take anything from folks willingly. The kind of elderly neighbor my wife and I grew up around that we don’t find too much of these days. Over the last three years Jo started to have some health issues. This was about the only thing I saw that slowed down Jo. Her son and daughter traveled from the west coast and decided it was time to move her into an assisted living home where she could live free but still have caretakers on site when needed. Her children discussed with us the decision as we were close to Jo and wanted us to be part of helping Jo transition.

When it came time to help the family clear out Jo’s home her son asked my wife to help him in the basement. There, on a bench under some old pictures was a wall clock kit that was about 1/2 completed. He told my wife we could have it, that he would love to keep it and finish it but wood work wasn’t his thing. He said his dad, Al, loved wood working and his dad started the clock for Jo shortly before his death- in 1994.

As soon as my wife told me the story we both knew that clock was getting finished somehow. I retrieved the clock and all the pieces of trim, etc… I could find and started the ‘puzzle’ of completing the assembly. Jo’s son said his dad couldn’t decide on a mechanical or “new-fangled” electronic movement. We wanted to make this stand out but Jo has hearing issues so I decided to go with the rotating crystal movement without sound. I was able to figure out where most of the trim pieces went (I hope) and purchased some hinges that I managed to fit to Al’s pre cut hinge mortices. I knew from all the fine hand crafted furniture Jo’s husband had made over the years that a darker stain was in order so I used a red Mahogany with 3 coats of gloss lacquer.

We stopped at Jo’s assisted living home just before Christmas to offer her the clock that she had completely forgotten about. She was so surprised she had to sit down for a few minutes to take it all in. I hung the clock for her, listened to several more stories of her husbands love of wood working and got several hugs. The feeling my wife and I had from the smiles and joy we brought to Jo are like nothing we have ever experienced. Jo has called us several times and comments each time of the clock giving her a feeling of “home”, something she felt was missing in her assisted living apartment.

I have always wanted to make a clock and it was just amazing that this came into us at this time in our lives. It gave me some connection to Jo’s late husband as well as pushing me to finally wade into clock work.”

Congratulations to Roger Carson!

Best Use Of Parts – WINNER: David Schermock


“This clock is a “quartz movement version of the beautiful Jewelers Wall Clock” originally designed for a mechanical movement and found in all of the current Klockit catalogues. I have admired the Jewelers Wall Clock for quite some time but I typically don’t build clocks with mechanical movements so I passed over my mild obsession with this design and continued to build numerous other clocks.

As always the arrival of the latest Klockit catalogue caused me to sit down and browse through it looking for items I could use and gathering ideas for my next clock projects. The upcoming wedding of my granddaughter had me searching for something elegant enough for a wedding gift that would be appreciated and hopefully treasured as a family heirloom. I kept coming back to the Jewelers Wall Clock as the ideal candidate.

Sitting down with my latest Klockit catalogue I began going through it page by page identifying the various pieces I would need to build what I felt would be an outstanding example of a clock for the new generation newlyweds. As always, I found everything I would need to get started. In all, twelve part numbers and a lot of work would be necessary to build the clock.

This clock makes an outstanding project and the sound from the Quartz movement (12003) is incredible. With the choice of melodies, volume control and night shut off this movement can be tuned to any environment and room size. With the speaker mounted in the top of the case and tone quality of this movement, the chime fills the room(s) with full rich sound. I prefer the Westminster.

I built the prototype in red oak and it hangs proudly in the living room of my home. I built a second Jewelers type clock in rustic oak to blend with my
Granddaughter’s furniture style. I presented this second and most important clock to my Granddaughter and her new husband at their recent wedding. With their names and wedding date on a brass plaque attached to the lower rail of the door and my “Hand Crafted by” plaque inside, it commemorated the occasion perfectly. No other gift compared (my opinion).”

Congratulations to David Schermock!

Spring 2015 Contest Finalists

With over 175 impressive submissions, it was hard to choose 3 winners!

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Please help us congratulate these finalists!

Robert Colvin, Best Use of Parts
Bob Brox, Best Use of Parts
Roger Landry, Best Use of Parts
Jan & Eileen, Best Use of Parts
Kirk Eidman, Best Use of Parts
Steven Bailey, Best Use of Parts
Tom Kanhofer, Best Use of Parts
Tom Palecki, Best Use of Parts
Robert Greenwald, Best Use of Parts
Brian Grayek, Best Use of Parts
Brad Smith, Best Use of Parts
Steve Whipple, Best Use of Parts
Ray Lattman, Best Use of Parts
Stanley Richardson, Most Creative Clock
Stephen Wade, Most Creative Clock
John Daws, Most Creative Clock
Debbie Harary, Most Creative Clock
Maggie Pitt, Most Creative Clock
Miguel Pujol, Most Creative Clock
Dennis McKeown, Most Creative Clock
Laurence Daniels, Most Creative Clock
Richard Crnkovich, Most Creative Clock
RJ Way, Most Creative Clock
Dave Medore, Most Creative Clock
Bud Harrington, Most Creative Clock
Thomas Sheppard, Most Creative Clock
Marty Welch, Most Creative Clock
David Genest, Most Creative Clock
Mark Swanberry, Most Creative Clock
Lou Nelsen, Most Creative Clock
Adolph C. Werner, Most Creative Clock
Mark Royall, Most Creative Clock
Mark Reschke, Most Creative Clock
Nathanael Hasbrouck, Most Creative Clock
Chance Gray, Most Creative Clock
Joseph Trafficante, Most Creative Clock
OBX Metalworks, Most Creative Clock
Dave Greway Designs, Most Creative Clock
Naomi Kocean, Most Creative Clock
Taylor Smith, Most Creative Clock
Debbie Stroud, Most Creative Clock
Daniel Sturman, Most Creative Clock
Jason La Benz, Most Creative Clock
Larilyn Swanson, Most Creative Clock
Randy Sharp, Gift of Time
Troy Koehler, Gift of Time
Ray Everett, Gift of Time
Rich Albright, Gift of Time
Frederick W. Mikkelsen, Gift of Time
Bruce Barnes, Gift of Time
Thomas Fillipovich, Gift of Time
CJ Maust, Gift of Time
Priscilla Marden, Gift of Time
Doug Schieszer, Gift of Time
Karl Taylor, Gift of Time
Richard Varga, Gift of Time
Mary Supina, Gift of Time
Scott Harken, Gift of Time
James Lown, Gift of Time
Allen Randecker, Gift of Time
Jack Hendrickson, Gift of Time
Thomas Lepicke, Gift of Time
Lawrence Schatz, Gift of Time
Scott Martin, Gift of Time
Sue and Walter Godbold, Gift of Time
Bob Karle, Gift of Time
Bill Boudreau, Gift of Time
Ray Holland, Gift of Time
Newton H. Williams, Gift of Time
Dennis Eugene Vanderburg, Gift of Time
Tim Pelletier, Gift of Time
Robert D. Rose Jr., Gift of Time
Nathan Kelly, Gift of Time
Les Mueller, Gift of Time
Steve Nicholson, Gift of Time
Kathy Pegel, Gift of Time
Gina Graham Atkins, Gift of Time
Tony Parker, Gift of Time
Aaron White, Gift of Time

Fall 2014 Clock Contest Winners

Thank you to all who participated in our fall clock contest. The contest entries for this clock contest were exceptional and the Klockit team would like to recognize the time and effort that was put into each clock.

And the winners are…

Congratulations to Dennis Menke, Jim Cate, and Rachel Calloway! See each of their photo(s) below and read their stories behind the clocks. Please join us in congratulating them!

Gift of Time – Winner: Dennis Menke


“I ordered the 16” Time Ring Clock Plan and adapted it to make a wedding gift for my nephew Andy and his fiance Kate. I was able to personalize it with their names as well as the wedding date to provide an everlasting keepsake that will last for years and years to come. I really enjoyed the time I spent working on it knowing that it would be appreciated.

I used 1/4” cherry veneer glued to 5/8” solid maple because my nephew Andy is a woodworker and will appreciate the cherry wood. By giving this gift I was assured of two things: I don’t have to worry about giving a duplicate gift and that every time they look at it they would be reminded of the day they started their “time” together.”

Congratulations to Dennis Menke!

Master Clock Builder – Winner: Jim Cate


“The clock features a simple, contemporary design. I have a feeling of accomplishment, wonder, and great satisfaction that I was able to build such a large project to completion. Thanks to Klockit for making it all happen.

I did not want an ornate enclosure so I decided to build my own case. The enclosure is built using walnut for framing with internal maple inserts to mount frame parts. Fluted spacers are used to separate ‘base from bottom of bottom enclosure’ and also ‘top of bottom enclosure and bottom of top enclosure’ to accentuate the maple inserts. The bottom maple insert is part of the base and the top maple insert is part of the clock mount. The base is oak molding built by using 2 layers of the same molding situated with the bottom layer extending out beyond the top layer. The top crown is also oak molding and must be removed to allow top enclosure to be lifted above movement needing repair, with an 8-foot ceiling.

Two sound ports covered with speaker cloth is installed on back of top enclosure. The finish is polyurethane with stain on the oak base and top crown to match the walnut frame. Clock is 78 ½ inches high, 12 ½ inches deep and 16 inches wide. The enclosure framing uses mortise and tenon joinery. Base and movement mount uses pocket hole joinery. Enclosure is frameless using frameless full overlay euro hinges on doors. Glass is mounted in rabbets with strips of walnut used as glass retainers.”

Congratulations to Jim Cate!

Most Unique Clock – Winner: Rachel Calloway


“My partner and I make a lot of things out of recycled bicycle parts, with clocks being our most recognized pieces. My work actually gained enough notoriety to land me the commission for the 1st place winner for Stage 7 (Denver) of the US Pro Challenge (the biggest professional bicycle race in North America).

The city of Denver wanted something unique. I used a piece of hickory stair tread for the plaque and attached a Campagnolo chainring to the hickory using chainring bolts. The face of the clock portion is a mosaic made from factory painted bicycle chain in the pattern of the City of Denver’s flag. I used a silent motor recessed into the back of the piece. The trophy/clock is hanging in Peter Sagan’s trophy room alongside his Tour de France and other accolades.”

Congratulations to Rachel Calloway!

Honorable Mention Clocks

With over 100 entries, it was hard to choose just 3 winners. Please congratulate these Honorable Mention entrants!

Adam Raugh – Gift of Time
Angelo Ponteralli – Most Unique Clock
Bill Johnson – Most Unique Clock
Daria Kiselica – Gift of Time
Deborah Blaney – Most Unique Clock
Dennis Spitler – Most Unique Clock
Derek Nelson – Most Unique Clock
Doris Benter – Most Unique Clock
Edward Siclari – Gift of Time
Elizabeth Weiss – Most Unique Clock
Frank Snyder – Gift of Time
Gary Grundy – Master Clock Builder
Gene Koonce – Master Clock Builder
James Alan Murray – Most Unique Clock
Jarrod Bartlett – Most Unique Clock
Julie Blazek – Gift of Time
Ken Wilkinson – Most Unique Clock
Kim Soroko – Most Unique Clock
Kirsten Bahr – Gift of Time
Mark Royall – Master Clock Builder
Mark Clark – Gift of Time
Mike Hauch – Master Clock Builder
Mike Reynolds – Gift of Time
Rodney McCarty – Master Clock Builder
Stan Sipka – Gift of Time
Sadna Kumbhani – Gift of Time
Scott Kruger – Gift of Time
Second Shift Art – Most Unique Clock
Waymon Hale – Gift of Time
Wesley Wood – Most Unique Clock
Will Delaney – Most Unique Clock

See their photos and stories here: http://www.facebook.com/klockit/posts/10152800972314490

Klockit Holiday Contest Winners Announced

First and foremost, thank you to all who participated in our 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways contest on Pinterest. This contest was not as traditional as our previous clock contests, so we were glad to hear positive feedback from participants.

Just a quick overview of the contest – pinners were asked to create their Klockit ‘wish list’ on Pinterest for a chance to win 1 of 12 gift items. The most popular items on pinned to wish lists were the Petite Weather Station, the Galaxy Wall Clock, and an AcuRite alarm clock. No surprises there, as these are some of the best-selling items at Klockit.com!


The 12 winners of this contest were selected randomly, and contacted via email. Winners will receive their prizes within the next two weeks. The prizes range in price from $4.99 to $149.99 and shown below.


Day 1: Orange Women’s Vintage Bracelet Watch (view here)

Day 2: Galaxy Wall Clock (view here)

Day 3: White Suction Cup Thermometer (view here)

Day 4: Admiral Fitzroy Storm Glass (view here)

Day 5: Petite Weather Station (view here)

Day 6: La Crosse Projection Alarm Clock (view here)

Day 7: Pocket Weather Station (view here)

Day 8: La Crosse Weather Station (view here)

Day 9: Gallery Wall Clock (view here)

Day 10: Men’s Stainless Steel Watch (view here)

Day 11: Chandler Skeleton Clock Kit (view here)

Day 12: AcuRite Weather Station (view here)

Thank You!

Thank you again to all who participated. Happy Holidays!

Crafty Clockmaker Contest Winners Announced

First and foremost, we’d like to thank all who participated in our Crafty Clockmaker contest. The entries for this contest were outstanding, and our team could tell that a lot of time and effort was put into each piece.

Initially there were three categories that the submissions fell into: wall clocks, desk or mantel clocks, and clock jewelry. At contest close, there were no valid submissions for the clock jewelry category. Our judges still wanted to award three winners, so the entries with the highest scores for the wall and desk categories were awarded – plus the entry with the next highest score.

Overall, there was one desk clock winner and two wall clock winners. Congratulations to Bill Johnson, Michael Kamendulis, and Kat Cummins! Please see their winning entries below:

Best of Show: Desk Clock


Bill Johnson is a woodcarver that carves exclusively in the “Chip Carving” style. He uses this decorative form of carving (done entirely with a single handheld knife – no chisels, gouges, or mallets involved), to decorate all sorts of projects ranging from small ornaments to boxes, wooden display plates, and clocks.

In this case, he was inspired by a stain glass church window.  Bill thought the gothic shape and window’s overall design seemed like the perfect starting place for a clock – especially with a clock insert that would be the perfect size and proportion for that part of a traditional church window.

Bill used Basswood for the body of the clock, which he chose to leave unstained, taking advantage of light and shadows to highlight the intricate chip carved detail.  The clock insert is from our Americana Series – the “Town Square” dial face specifically.

Best of Show: Wall Clock #1


Michael Kamendulis said his mind is always working. He designed and made this creative wall clock after seeing visiting his uncle’s restaurant in Auburn, MA. Michael wanted to add a little spice to his uncle’s wall.

So he created this wall clock and made it look as if you were sitting on one of the bar stools. Based off an Italian meal, you can see the clock is complete with a dish of spaghetti, meatballs, silverware, a napkin, condiments, and a $20 bill. He even added a teacup with resin inside to make it look like the tea is dripping out.

All elements were either drilled and bolted or epoxied to the board.

Best of Show: Wall Clock #2


Katherine Cummins has an eye for detail that was apparent in all three of her contest entries. Her winning entry caught our judges’ attention with its 3D characteristics.

The hours are strategically marked and placed in pictures frames – all within a larger frame. The background of the clock was beautifully hand-painted, the flowers are handmade, and the beadwork was also done by hand.

Katherine said she likes all of her clocks to be 3D, so she intertwined flowers and stems around / through the numbers. She also designed some of the numbers to appear as if they were floating in mid-air.

Katherine’s favorite thing about this large wall clock is that there are little insects she strategically placed so most wouldn’t notice them on first glance.

Honorable Mention Clocks

As always, our contest judges were amazed by all of the entries – not just the winners. Take a look at the Honorable Mention entries below!