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Product Review: Quartex® High Torque, Set & Forget, 3 Battery Pack Quartz Clock Movement

The Quartex® High Torque, Set & Forget, 3 Battery Pack Movement is the latest edition to Klockit’s line of quartz clock movements. It’s a 3-in-1 clock movement that’s powerful, smart, … Continue reading

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Remember the Story Behind the Gift

Over the many years I have given my handcrafted clocks and other décor to family and friends as gifts, I myself had never thought of sharing the “story behind the gift” … Continue reading

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Time in the Middle Ages: The Advent of Seconds

Time is, well, timeless. It has been regulating mankind’s existence since the advent of civilization. But measuring it down to the last second is a relatively recent accomplishment.

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Woodworking Projects For Beginners

Like any hobby I have discovered in the past, each has its initial investments. In fact, I don’t believe there is a single hobby in existence that doesn’t require some sort of … Continue reading

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Product Review: AcuRite 13021 Atomic Projection Alarm Clock

Perfectly project the time on your wall or ceiling with AcuRite’s 13021 Atomic Projection Alarm Clock. This slick and sleek alarm clock is a definite winner!

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Top 5 Atomic Products for Daylight Saving Time

If you’re tired of resetting your clocks and watches for Daylight Saving Time (DST) twice a year, then turn to Atomic timekeeping! Atomic timepieces receive a radio signal twice a … Continue reading

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The Ancient Babylonian Origins Of Modern Time

“Do you have a minute to talk about time?” isn’t a sentence you would hear in Ancient Egypt, mostly because they had no concept of a stable measure of time, … Continue reading

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Fall 2014 Clock Contest Winners

Thank you to all who participated in our fall clock contest. The contest entries for this clock contest were exceptional and the Klockit team would like to recognize the time … Continue reading

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3 Easy DIY Halloween Projects

Looking for easy do-it-yourself Halloween projects? Then you’re in the right place! From Frankenstein to a pumpkin clock, here are three fun Halloween projects that are great for all ages. … Continue reading

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Farewell to a Beloved Customer, Mentor, and Friend

With the recent passing of Richard Didier, Klockit lost a truly special customer and many of us, as employees of Klockit, lost a mentor and valued friend. Rich loved building … Continue reading

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