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Customer Spotlight: Second Shift Art

We’re proud to introduce Brian from Second Shift Art! Brian started Second Shift Art in 2013 when he found a new use for scrap gearbox parts. Read more about Brian’s success story!

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Customer Spotlight: Jo from Marble Hill Clockworks

We’re proud to introduce Jo from Marble Hill Clockworks! For years, Jo dabbled in creative, moneymaking endeavors – from home knitting and genealogy to vintage fashion. She recently stumbled upon clocks and fell in love. Read more about Jo’s incredible journey!

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Official Rules: Fall 2016 Klockit Clock Contest

Klockit’s Clock Contest Fall 2016 OFFICIAL RULES

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Find & Flip: Volume 2

As per my first blog post, I revealed I love to go to garage sales in the summertime. ­This past month, I’ve been to close to thirty of them because … Continue reading

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Find & Flip: Volume 1

Whether it be HGTV, TLC, Etsy, or Pinterest, the Do-It-Yourself generation is in full swing, and doesn’t seem to be backing down any time soon. With that in mind, I … Continue reading

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How To: Determine What Size Clock Hands to Use

Quartz clock movements vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, making it tricky to find the right clock hands for your clock project. Simply follow these two steps to ensure you purchase the right size and style of your clock project!

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Official Rules: Spring 2016 Klockit Clock Contest

Klockit’s Clock Contest Spring 2016 OFFICIAL RULES

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Top 3 Woodworking Projects for 2016

The New Year is here and we’re kicking it off by sharing our top 3 woodworking and clock projects from last year. We have a wide variety of customers at … Continue reading

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How To: Increase Output in Your Woodworking Shop

Looking to increase output in your woodworking shop the smart way? Mr. Randy Sharp from Sawdust Inn recently conducted an analysis of a woodworking project to compare how much time … Continue reading

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Fall 2015 Clock Contest Winners

A huge thank you goes out to all who participated in our Fall 2015 clock contest! So many fantastic stories – we appreciate the opportunity to hear about all of the great projects you … Continue reading

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