Where Klockit Gets Its Kit Ideas From…

From Klockit’s new product designer:

My motivation for designing kits and plans varies. Sometimes I may see a finished item in a store that I think is nice but I may not be too impressed with the quality or I envision the item with features not available on the item I am looking at. Other times, I will listen to an idea that someone has and develop that into a plan or kit product. An example of what I am talking about is the lift/slide top side table (to be introduced in spring of 2011). After my wife saw the model for the lift top sofa table, she commented that it sure would be nice if an end table could be made with the same feature of having a lift table that came up and across the arm of a typical living room easy chair. I agreed and started designing. As the design progressed I added additional features to make the table even more unique and functional.

I always strive to make sure our Klockit plans are geared for the average hobbyist or recreational woodworker. Too many plans on the market just are not detailed enough for anyone other than very experienced woodworkers with lots of expensive equipment. I always make sure our Klockit plans show how even things like elaborate moldings, columns, etc. can be made with woodworking equipment available to almost anyone with any kind of a woodworking shop.

I also want Klockit woodworking plan projects and our pre-cut (ready to assemble) kits to reflect quality workmanship and have unique features. In other words, I try to make sure Klockit plans always offer customers new and exciting projects. The goal is to always be innovative and to always make sure our customers can enjoy completing Klockit plans and kits and always, always can be proud of the finished item.

Beyond seeing photos of finished items made by Klockit customers from our kits and plans, my biggest thrill is when our customers add their own ideas and inspirations to our designs to make their finished item uniquely their own design.

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