2011 New Products

The New Year is upon us and as we welcome in 2011, Klockit is starting off the New Year with our new catalog filled with new products we’re really excited for you to see. If you currently subscribe to our catalog, begin looking for it in your mailboxes on January 3rd, otherwise, you can still sign up on here to receive our catalog.

A few products we’re excited about are our Side Pop-Up Table and the Garden Patio Bench. The Side Pop-Up Table is an extension of our popular Sofa Pop-Up Table. Just like the sofa table, half of the table top lifts to extend over guests. The lift also slides out to provide a larger working space and more comfortable working surface. The lift portion can be interchanged to have it open to the left or to the right.  The back half of the table also lifts open to reveal a nice storage compartment, perfect for photo albums, books, or remote controls.  The plan is written in such a way to help guide you to build the table to the perfect height to accommodate you chair or sofa.

Our next product is the Garden Patio Bench. The garden bench makes a nice addition to any yard. What makes it unique from any other garden bench is the middle seat. You can lift it up to form a table or fold it down to make space for another seat. The switch from table to seat is very easy, just lift up the top, fold out the lift and place the top back on.

There are plenty of more new products packed inside the new Spring catalog that you don’t want to miss. All of the new products will also be up on www.klockit.com beginning January 3rd.

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