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Moshi Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock

Moshi Alarm Clock

Moshi Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock

One of the coolest clocks that I have been able to test at Klockit is the Moshi Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock.  All I have to do is speak and the clock sets itself for the alarm and even tells me the current time and temperature.  I found it really useful when I was already lying in bed and hadn’t yet set my alarm clock.  All I would have to do is reach over and tap a button on the clock and say “set alarm” and then Moshi asks me what time I want to wake up and I tell it.  Then I’m set and I didn’t even have to get up.  The clock is even officially endorsed by the World Blind Union.  Super simple and a really great looking alarm clock that’s small enough for me to put in my suitcase without taking up much room.  Highly recommended!


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This entry was posted on February 25, 2011 by in Products, Top Products.

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