Pop-Up Table Collection

Maybe you’ve seen our Pop-Up Table Collection, but do you know everything about them?

Pop-Up Sofa Table
Pop-Up Sofa Table

These unique tables give you many storage and workspace options. Our sofa pop-up table looks like an ordinary coffee table when the top is closed but when you lift the top it reveals a storage area for items such as the tv remote, books, even your latest Klockit catalog. Lifting the table top also creates a nice workspace for you laptop, clipping coupons, or playing board games with the family.

The pop-up sofa tables little sister, the Side Pop-Up Table, offers a few more features and is perfect for someone who doesn’t have room for the sofa table but wants the pop-up feature. The side table top is split in half, the front pops up and the back opens to reveal a storage area. Once the front is lifted, it can then slide out to expand. The back storage area is perfect for storing photo albums, newspapers or books. There’s no need to worry about rearranging your furniture to accustom the lifting portion, we’ve made it easy to interchange it to open from the left or right.

These tables make a great addition to any home and add unique storage options. Have you made one of our tables? Share with us what your favorite feature is and if you’ve found a different use we didn’t cover.

Side Pop-Up Table
Side Pop-Up Table

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