Pretty much everywhere across the Country (and especially here in the Midwest), Fall is the season where Arts & Craft Fairs are everywhere and every weekend. Shows in September and October typically offer a wide array of home and yard décor strong in an Autumn theme and with special emphasis on Halloween décor. Craft fairs in November and December are, of course, more orientated toward the Christmas holiday season.

There are large shows in expansive facilities with hundreds of crafters selling their creations. There are also many, many more small craft fairs held in schools, churches, town halls, county fairgrounds, parks and tons of other locations. While a lot of the larger craft fair venues are what is referred to as “Juried” shows where your crafts are pre-judged in order to purchase space in the show, the smaller craft fairs are not “juried” and are (BY THE WAY) much less expensive to participate in. Many of the smaller craft fairs offer nice spaces to show and sell your creations for fees ranging from $ 15.00 to $ 25.00 and do not require you have any sort of elaborate display booth.

Having worked with thousands and thousands of Klockit’s woodworking customers over almost 30 years, I realize most of these talented people are reluctant to believe that their wonderful creations would have “market value” but THEY ARE WRONG! Being a recreational woodworker myself and, being about only a fraction as talented with woodworking as many, many of Klockit’s customers, I have been selling my woodcraft creations in craft fairs pretty much since 1991 and I have had a ton of fun plus made some pretty decent extra income that has helped me purchase new woodworking equipment and other “toys” that a woodworker just “has to have”!

I strongly recommend to all my fellow recreational woodworkers and other hobbyists that you check for upcoming craft fairs in your area and consider participation in one or more of these shows. Even if you do not get rich (AND YOU WILL NOT), it is a lot of fun having people admire your handiwork. ALSO, it is always a good idea to let your wife hear these people compliment your work because it makes it easier for you to convince her you need ALL of that equipment in your shop. I’m just kidding about the last thing I said (sort of).

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