New Kitchen Cabinet Plan

Hearth & Home Cabinet & Snack Trays Plan & Components
Hearth & Home Cabinet & Snack Trays Plan & Components

As our Spring 2012 catalog is hitting homes, we’re excited to introduce our new products and expanding line of furniture plans. One of our favorite new items is the Hearth & Home Cabinet & Snack Trays plan.

It is a great item to place in your home due to its endless storage possibilities. Our team was so excited during the planning process, coming up with ideas where to place this cabinet in their home. We kept leaning towards the idea of how to organize your spices and increase storage within the kitchen, but as it developed, we realized this could really go anywhere in your home. Staying true to the original design concept, it was designed at counter-top height,. If placing in the kitchen, it adds that extra little space for baking and mixing. The storage beneath is also convenient for organizing all your essential baking items. Store mixing bowls on the shelves, along with a hand mixer, etc. In the storage boxes on the door, organize each box with your most used baking ingredients, such as oil, vanilla extract, and frosting, making everything within reach.

The cabinet can also be used as a storage unit in your living room. Keep board games, video game systems, toys and movies organized and hidden. The shelves make a great hideaway for DVDs, video games, even books and the storage boxes keep controllers and remotes within reach. If you’re not interested in building the snack trays, we find that guitar controllers are a nice way to fill the space, allowing them to be stored upright.

We also made the outside customizable. In addition to varying the shelf height, you can remove the center panels of the doors, sides, and back allowing you to fill them with the décor of your choice. Some ideas would be decorative glass, bead board, or punched tin. The front can even be made a message center by using a chalkboard, chalkboard paint or magnetic paint.

The possibilities are indeed endless. Building this plan? We would love to hear your uses for the Hearth & Home.

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