Do You Know If a Storm is Rolling In?

AcuRite 08560 Weather Alert NOAA Radio/LED Flashlight with Hand Crank
AcuRite 08560 Weather Alert NOAA Radio/LED Flashlight with Hand Crank

April showers, bring May flowers… and lightening, thunder, tornadoes and more.  Many of us enjoy thunderstorms, watching them role in and the excitement of the pending storm.  However, given the strength of the severe weather we have experience now more than ever we need to be prepared.

I recently moved into an area where the trees block my view of the surrounding area.  I cannot see a thing and sometimes have no clue a severe storm is coming.  Once a storm is in full force, I have very little radio reception and my satellite goes out with even the slightest bit of downpour rain.  Now I am in the dark, without a clue to the size of storm we are getting.  I cannot hear tornado sirens in my area and I rely on friends and family for notifications, that is if we have cell phone reception.

My problems have been resolved with the Weather Alert NOAA Led Crank Flashlight. This handy radio digitally tunes in to NOAA Weather Radio NWR which provides continuous weather and emergency information including warnings, watches, floods, disasters, wild fire, earth quake, nuclear power plant, radiological, biological, chemical hazard, Amber alerts, public announcements and more. Warnings come from National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, National Weather Service, Dept of Defense and Weather Radio Canada. Specific Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E.) makes sure you only get alerts in your area. A loud siren sounds when emergency conditions occur. The hand crank provides emergency power by recharging batteries. Other features are local weather report anytime, time/date with automatic Daylight Saving adjustment, headphone/accessory jack, volume control, low battery indicator and automatic strong signal channel selection. There are no subscription fees or other costs for the alerts. Set up is easy. Be prepared for whatever the weather brings your way.

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