Exciting New Woodworking Projects!

Hearth & Home Cabinet & Snack Trays Plan
Hearth & Home Cabinet & Snack Trays Plan

Even though I have been “officially” retired for 4 years now, I have been fortunate to continue to develop new kit and plan products for Klockit.

Although coming up with new clock kits and plans continues to be an important part of my design focus, adding new furniture and other home accent kits and plans is becoming an important factor in Klockit’s mission to provide customers with new woodworking projects they can complete and sell, give as gifts, or proudly display in their own homes.

I am excited by the totally new and unique components Klockit continues to add to their product line that help me create new kit and plan products for our customers and, better still, provides our Klockit customers an opportunity to purchase the new components and make their own unique product designs.

I have been designing kit and plan products for Klockit since 1983 and I have to say, based on the “TOP DO” design list I get from the New Product Development Group, Klockit is 100% committed to remaining the industry leader in offering customers the components and ideas they need to keep them very busy in their home shops.

So, here’s the deal! I’ll keep designing and our Klockit woodworking customers will continue to build products that far exceed my expectations in craftsmanship.

2 thoughts on “Exciting New Woodworking Projects!

  1. Shed Plan Maker November 27, 2013 / 1:54 am

    This is a very good information and i like it.Now can get more idea to make my woodworking project.thanks..

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