Klockit Coupons and Savings

Do you receive our monthly email newsletters yet? If not, you are missing some valuable savings!

Click here to subscribe now to Klockit’s Email Newsletters.

Once you sign up for Klockit emails, you will also receive special savings on your birthday each year.  If you already are subscribed to Klockit email newsletters, but do not receive birthday coupons from Klockit, then open a past email and click ‘Manage Preferences’ at the bottom of the newsletter.

Another way to save at Klockit is to subscribe to our Facebook and Twitter pages by liking them or following them.  On our social media websites, we post coupons every other Friday and often with a specially discounted product.  Not only will you receive great savings from Klockit through Facebook and Twitter, but you will also learn about the latest products first as we post updates as soon as a new product is available.  In the past few weeks we have added a few weather station replacement parts from AcuRite and are currently adding over 70 new products for Fall 2012.

And yet a fourth way to save on Klockit kits and parts is to check your shipping confirmation emails you receive after purchasing a product from Klockit.  These are special savings for thanking you for your recent purchase and often include the highest discount available for the month.

At Klockit we want everyone to enjoy our high quality clock kits, furniture plans, clock parts, clock movements, weather stations, atomic watches and more so that’s why we offer these discounts to get more gifts into your home and to share with your friends and family.

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