We’ve Found The Perfect Space-Saving Solution

Murphy Desk Plan and Components Only at Klockit
Murphy Desk Plan and Components Only at Klockit

Klockit is proud to introduce the Murphy Desk Plan and Murphy Desk Components Pack.

It is the perfect space-saving solution for those who need a workstation to sit and to do bills, crafts, surfing the web, wrapping presents or to mail letters. This collapsible space-saving work station easily hides away just like a Murphy Bed on a wall, so when guests are over you can hide your desk area away, or you can fold it down for extra seating.

The Murphy Desk when closed features either a chalkboard for notes or a corkboard for your pictures, coupons, or mail. When closed the latch and magnets holds it securely in place. The closed size is 31 5/8” height x 21 5/8” width x 6 ¾” depth so it fits nicely on the wall.

When you are ready to get to work, simply unlatch and fold down the desk. There is plenty of storage space with different shelves for pictures, desk items, cards, envelopes and a long top slot for items such as mail, phone books and cookbooks. This long top slot has holes so you can see any small items that are in it. These holes can also be used to put ribbon through, convenient for wrapping presents – see inset picture of Christmas wrapping station. There is plenty of room at this work station; the desk dimensions are 30”long x 20” wide. The Murphy Desk Plan and Components includes a dimensional drawing booklet explaining each wood piece need for assembly along with step by step instruction booklet. All of the hardware needed to finish this space saving desk is included in the component package listed with the plan. This makes a perfect addition to any home. Make your next project the Murphy Desk from Klockit.

Written by Rachel Hicks

Rachel is part of our committee of finding and researching new products for Klockit. She has helped to review many of the products herself to understand what makes a great product for all of our Klockit customers.

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