Top 3 Woodworking Projects for 2016

The New Year is here and we’re kicking it off by sharing our top 3 woodworking and clock projects from last year. We have a wide variety of customers at different skill levels, and our top 3 projects are proof of that!

Whether you’re a beginner and are looking to start your first project, or an expert clock maker looking for your next challenge, we hope one of the projects below will make your to-do list this year!

(1) Weatherman Weather Station

The Weatherman weather station was our best-selling project in 2015. Aside from being the perfect starting point for beginners, customers say they like this project because it’s a unique weather station that looks sharp on desks or mantels when finished.

Weatherman Weather Station | Klockit

This project is available in 2 versions: a kit that includes pre-cut wood pieces, or a step-by-step woodworking plan. The kit includes Cherry wood pieces that are pre-cut, machined, and sanded, plus all other parts required for assembly including the weather instruments, clock inserts, glue, sandpaper, and instructions.

The woodworking plan for this project comes with a packet that shows dimensional drawings for each wood piece required for assembly, plus step-by-step instructions with supporting illustrations for the wood case assembly.

(2) Mission Mantel Clock

Our next top-selling project combines simplicity and practicality into its modern design. The Mission mantel clock is a medium-sized clock project we frequently recommend to customers who are intermediate or advanced clock makers and/or woodworkers.

Mission Mantel Clock

Once assembled, the pendulum bob gracefully swings from behind the lower oak door slats. The chiming pendulum clock movement plays the Westminster melody on the hour, progressive melody on the quarter-hour and strikes out the hours.

This popular project is available in a clock kit or as a woodworking plan.

(3) Columbia Grandfather Clock

Are you up to the challenge of building one of the most elegant pieces of furniture to occupy a home? A grandfather clock presents a sense of royal surroundings with its elegant chimes, making it the focal point of any room.

Grandfather clock built by Randy Sharp

Randy from Sawdust Inn recently built the Columbia grandfather clock from our woodworking plans. He also created a blog and video series to capture an inside look at the detailed craftsmanship required to create this stately clock.

At over seven feet tall, this clock project can seem daunting at first! If you’re up to the challenge, the woodworking plan version of this project requires hand crafting more than 80 individual pieces of wood and can be very satisfying. Otherwise we do offer a clock kit version of this project that comes with pre-cut wood pieces, which may be the better option for those who do not own or have access to a multitude of woodworking tools.

Need Help Deciding?

We hope one of the projects above will make your to-do list for 2016. If you need help deciding on a clock project or have any questions, we’d love to help you! Please leave a comment below or call us at 1-800-556-2548. Happy New Year from the Klockit team.

One thought on “Top 3 Woodworking Projects for 2016

  1. Ed Connors October 1, 2016 / 8:35 am

    I really like the Weatherman clock design. Will have to get the plans and make it. It’ll be a nice present for my parents. Thanks for sharing, love the site!

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